Solution: «Speed ​​Drifters closes by itself or screen stays black» Android and iOS

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Throughout the history of phones, there have been some app and video game developers who have created applications that they have completely changed the way where phones are displayed and used. These apps can be very varied and developed by a variety of people. For example, in 2009, Jan Koum and Bryan Acton created a company called WhatsApp, which revolutionized the use of Android and iPhone devices. 

Likewise, in modern times there are developers that have created a trend, like Niantic with Pokemon Go, which can be downloaded and updated for free even without the need for the Playstore. However, there is one developer who has long earned the credit, recognition and popularity they have today, this is Garena.

What games did Garena develop?

Thanks to their keen interest in bring triple A stock experiences to a low budget market, Garena has brought many third person shooters, first person shooters and car racing games acclaimed by critics and gamers.

Among these games, Garena developed Free Fire, which ended up being a essential title for the modern gamer. This game, free to download for Android and PC, has allowed a large number of people to access the wave of Battle Royale games without the need to spend large sums of money, as these are games whose requirements are covered by the vast majority of modern low-end to high-end devices. 

Despite being games with graphics loads so low, there are devices that are way too old to run programs like this.

However, there are various other error codes, so many people are wondering why Free Fire can't be downloaded and played, the answer to this almost always has to do with the game's requirements and the capabilities of the phones. It is important to note that Free Fire can also be played with a console controller on PC and Android.

Garena has recently announced and released their latest installment, which is Speed ​​Drifters. This seeks to bring an experience similar to that of Mario Kart Tour. However, Speed ​​Drifters is the game that millions of people choose par excellence on Mario Kart Tour. This is because it is a game that requires fewer telephone requirements and has a system more attractive to Spanish-speaking players.

What requirements do Speed ​​Drifters have?

It is a game with a simple visual section, which can be seen in the system requirements. These do not differ much from those of Free Fire, and this is because the two games are created with the same system and graphic engine.

To download and play these games you will need 1024 MB of internal memory, a processor with a power greater than 1,6 Ghz, a 3 GB RAM and a permanent Internet connection to be able to play.

Internet connection is required because Speed ​​Drifters always saves your progress in cloud files, this allows people to easily retrieve their progress through an account system, with which you can connect your social networks for quick access during games.

Fixed issue when Speed ​​Drifters goes black screen or closes by itself

This is always a problem that can be easily diagnosed by the behavior of the phone and the App. If your phone tries to open the App, but closes it and freezes it, it is very likely that it will not be able to run the game.

If you want to check the functionality of your phone, you need to go to the settings and review the hardware information of the device and compare it with the minimum requirements.

Phones are sometimes unable to run the application but they have download errors. If you think this has happened, you need to remove the app via Settings. Once deleted, you need to check the Playstore and reactivate the download, in order to make sure that the files are downloaded correctly and that there is no corrupted data.

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