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    The 11 best games made with the unit that you can download on Android

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    Unity is a cross-platform video game engine used in countless Android titles. Many developers prefer it over other similar engines due to its great potential and because it can create incredibly interesting games. Precisely for this reason, today we will introduce you the 11 best Android games created with Unity. There is something for everyone!

    In addition to being a powerful development engine for creating video games, Unity delivers developer features that have also been used in virtual reality, architecture and design projects, and editing / previewing of miniseries. As you have to imagine, it is a tool that can be greatly benefited.

    You are about to see a list of the 10 best Android games created in Unity. Download the ones you like the most and enjoy the experience of titles created with this development engine.

    11 Android games created in Unity for great fun

    • Cross road
    • sniper hitman
    • ShadowGun: Dead Zone
    • Alto's adventure
    • Hearthstone
    • Mobius Final Fantasy
    • rain
    • Monument Valley 2
    • Ravensword: Shadowlands
    • Hexagon
    • Pokemon go

    Cross road

    Cross road

    Crossy Road is a Free arcade game published and published by Hipster Whale. The gameplay is simple, you have to cross the road but the path is endless and the further you go, the more complicated it gets.

    Have fun with more than 200 unlockable characters and a multiplayer mode ideal for playing with friends. Up to this point, Crossy Road is one of the most popular android games made in Unity and it is also the best game to kill time when you are bored.

    sniper hitman

    sniper hitman

    Hitman Sniper is a shooting game for Android developed and published by Square Enix which has been downloaded over 10 million times. This game, which costs just $ 0,99, has more than 715.000 users who have left positive feedback on the gaming experience.

    The gameplay is quite simple since the main goal is to kill using a sniper rifle. However, you can kill in different ways and for different rewards.

    ShadowGun: Dead Zone

    ShadowGun: DeadZone is a developed multiplayer third person shooter game and published by Madfinger Games in which 12 players can participate in online battles simultaneously. Here you can explore two game modes: deathmatch and zone control (capture the flag). In addition, the game offers a fun experience when playing with friends.

    It is also necessary to note that for a mobile game developed in Unity, ShadownGun has a fairly decent level of graphics and gameplay. As if that weren't enough, it has 10 customizable characters, good animation, perks, detailed maps and more than 20 types of weapons to annihilate your enemies.

    Alto's adventure

    Alto's adventure

    Alto's Adventure is an endless running game created with Snowman's Unity. This is a stunning graphics title that was created exclusively for mobile devices, but then moved on to Linux and Windows.

    In this addicting game, the main objective is to jump, slide and run while catching the flames for as long as possible. You lose when you hit a rock, fall off a cliff or when the old man catches you.


    Hearthstone is a multiplayer card game for Android developed and published by the famous company Blizzard Entertainment. Without exaggerating, we are facing one of the best card games you can play from your Android right now. In the game you can choose up to 30 cards to go into battle, but there are more than 2500 playable cards at your disposal. There are 9 classes in the game with unique cards and abilities that can be used based on the mana points you have each turn.

    Although it is a free game, it does have a huge number of characters, music cards, sounds, animations and visual effects. If you are a fan of the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone will love you.

    Mobius Final Fantasy

    Mobius Final Fantasy

    Mobius Final Fantasy is an RPG that offers a brutal experience with three characters: Wol, Meia and Sarah Cornelia. IS a title whose turn-based combat system is very simple and has a linear level design.

    This game has several elements that could make you fall in love from start to finish: the music and the characters. The characters are very elegant and the music is a work of art composed by Mitsuto Suzuki. Ideal for Final Fantasy lovers!



    Reigns is a card-based strategy game that offers a unique experience where you interact with different cards representing different characters. Your task will be to answer their questions with a "yes" or a "no" or following other predetermined responses depending on the situation.

    In this game you make the decisions and every decision has its consequences within the four pillars of society: church, people, army and wealth. Some consequences can even lead to the death of the characters. Therefore, the game has different endings that you can achieve depending on how you play.

    Monument Valley 2

    Independent puzzle game developed and published by Ustwo Games. We are talking about a title with awesome isometric images and incredible music that captivates you from the first moment.

    The story is about a mother and daughter that you have to guide through various mazes and structures that are enriched with optical illusions and other impossible objects. If you like puzzle games for android then this will be perfect for you.

    Ravensword: Shadowlands

    Role-playing game created by Crescent Moon Games that it has tons of monsters, weapons, missions, magic, swaps, NPCs, dungeons and more. The game is reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which was hugely popular in 2021 and is still played by millions of fans around the world.

    Let's talk about a single title that stands out for having an open world, even if it is a mobile game.



    Hexagonium is a game that combines the strategy and gameplay of Battle Royale. There are several worlds to choose from in this title and each one lasts for a limited time.

    During that time you will have to do what is necessary to survive, because the one who destroys everyone wins. In any battle, you will be able to earn various benefits and items to enhance your future battles in newly generated worlds.

    Pokemon go

    Will you miss all the events that Pokémon GO brings us in March?

    No doubt, Pokémon Go has completely revolutionized the world of mobile video games around the world. This mobile game, which makes Pokémon interact with the viewer's real location, continues to bring out millions of users of all ages to capture their pocket creatures. In case you don't know, we're talking about a title developed in Unity. Capture them now!

    And you, which one did you like the most?

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