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    The best Sims like or alternative games to play on iOS, Android and PC

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    Il show business yes has evolved rapidly in recent years, today it is possible to enjoy many options, thanks to technology there are many ways to spend time, available to everyone since many are free. But if you are a video game lover, you will be grateful that you can enjoy this hobby not only with a console.

    Today there is an impressive number of app developers, they have designed countless games in different categories. There are so many that there is something for everyone, they can also be used in operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. These games applications can be downloaded in the different App stores, there are paid, free, online and offline.

    Among the most popular categories are strategy, sports, action, kids and role-playing games among others, many now prefer download games and which can be played without internet connection, there are many titles of these. 

    In the case of devices with iOS operating system, most of the games are generally paid, but there are always free and even offline versions of a large number of games. 

    One of the categories that has had the most acclaim are those of role-playing games, of these there is a great variety, there are for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, for some you have to pay but the most are free.   But today we are going to tell you a little about the best life simulation games, which also add role-playing and adventure games.

    The best online simulation games

    Talking about simulation games means talking about The Sims, is undoubtedly the most developed in this category, since since its launch for PC this game has captured the attention of children and adults for its amazing features.

    Is that in this game you control the life of your characters and you can develop it in different environments. While it's one of the best, it's not the only one of its kind, you know the best alternatives to Sims. 

    The best games like The Sims

    Second life

    Among the life simulation games most similar to Sims currently in existence we have Second Life, this is a PC game that requires an Internet connection, was released in 2003 and they continue to improve it.

    In Second Life you can meet many people from different parts of the world, create and customize your avatar. There are many social activities like concerts, and you have environments conducive to romance, there are also those that generate real income. Without a doubt, the world in which this simulation game takes place is very vast and you are sure to have a lot of fun.

    Avakin vita

    Another of the games of Simulation alternatives to the Sims that we can recommend is Avakin Life, in this game you can share with thousands of users everywhere your tastes for fashion, decorations.

    Since it focuses on giving you the opportunity to create a character focused on social life and design. Avakin Life is available for Android and iOS and requires an Internet connection, we invite you to live the experience.

    Virtual family 2

    Among the games for Android, iOS and PC that can be played offline we have Virtual Family 2. This game focuses on family life, the goal is to have your character create a family.

    It gives you many options to design your home, you can develop your character's personality and work as you want. Without a doubt, this simulation game is a good alternative to very fun and creative offline Sims.

    The life of youtubers

    Another game that we can recommend you to play without having to be connected to the internet is Youtubers Life. As the name suggests, this game will show you how to turn your avatar into a celebrity on YouTube.

    This game of simulation is an alternative to The Sims, available for Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. As you will see, there are many alternative options to the popular Sims saga, available for Android, iOS and PC.

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