The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Heart Pieces -Part 2

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Second part of the guide to obtaining the 24 fragments of the heart holder.

If there is a particular merit in The Legend Of Zelda series, this is the construction of the game world. Skyward Sword in particular is one of the chapters of the Nintendo saga that deepens world building and rewards exploration. Today we continue the guide to the collection of 24 fragments of heart holder, the main reward for players who will take the trouble to traverse every corner of the map.

  • In the sky: Skyward Sword's thirteenth heartbeat fragment is contained in a Goddess chest on an island to the east of the map. To open it you will need to activate the Goddess tetrahedron to the southeast of the large tree in Firone forest. The island on which the chest is located will be divided into an external and an internal part, the chest will be in the latter. To reach it there are two options: launch with great precision from the pipe furrow or help yourself with the claw.
  • Oltrenuvola: will be found in the closet in Zelda's room in the knight academy. To reach it you will have to enter from the top of the chimney, where you can get there with the claw.
  • Galleon of the Sands: once the map has been obtained, you will notice the presence of a chest on the right side of one of the middle floors. To reach it you will have to start from the deck of the ship, climbing the mast and completing a path with the double claw. Arriving at the east side of the ship you will have to grab a target placed on a beam at the back with the claw. From there you can go down to the platform on which there is the chest, containing the fragment of the heart holder.
  • Oltrenuvola: the sixteenth fragment of Skyward Sword will be found on the islet with a waterfall floating in the eastern part of Oltrenuvola. You will have to reach the top of the waterfall using the double claw, at which you will find a chest of the Goddess. The tetrahedron associated with it is that of the pirate's den, accessible with the double claw starting from the target in front of the door of the mini-dungeon.

  • Oltrenuvola: entering Gentilrosso's room at night you will discover that he is training in secret. Speaking to him, he asks Link for a stamina potion. Once this condition is met and the bow is obtained, a mini-game will be unlocked in which Gentilrosso will throw pumpkins that the player will have to hit on the fly with an arrow. Scoring at least 600 points will reward you with a fragment of a heart holder.
  • Fire Sanctuary: in the extreme north-west of the dungeon there will be a soft clod of soil, digging into it with mogma gloves will trigger a minigame at the end of which you will run into a Mogma who will deliver the eighteenth fragment to the player.
  • Vulcan Summit: along the path that leads to the top of the volcano you will run into some walls of fire to be put out using the water taken from some frog-shaped statues. The second of these walls hides clods of earth that can be excavated with mogma gloves, the fragment of the heart holder will be found by solving an underground mini-game similar to the one in the previous point.
  • In the sky: Inside the cumulonimbus there will be an island full of insects, on top of which there is a chest of the Goddess. To open it you will need to activate the tetrahedron that can be reached by launching from the waterfall on the top of the volcano.

  • Shipyard: Completing the Galleon of the Sands will unlock a minigame in which you will have to overcome an obstacle course similar to a roller coaster. The reward for completing the challenge on maximum difficulty is the twenty-first fragment.
  • Land of Exile: at the exit of the temple you will find a Goron looking for the Walls of the Goddess. Playing the harp near some butterflies nearby will make the first of these walls appear and the goron will subject the player to a riddle, the solution of which is one of three shapes to be drawn on the wall. If you solve the riddle (the solution of which could be an arrow, a circle, a hexagon, a heart or the shape of the triforce) you will be rewarded with a fragment of a heart holder.
  • Oltrenuvola: the penultimate fragment will simply be available for purchase in Terry's shop at the price of 1600 rupees, but you will first have to get hold of all the other items that can be purchased only once.
  • Ranel gorge: the last fragment of heart holder in Skyward Sword will be obtained by overcoming the challenges of the Thunder Dragon. It is a phase of the game in which you will have to face the previously defeated bosses one by one. The necessary condition is to heal the dragon Ranel by giving him the fruit of life, so that the clashes can proceed. Fortunately, defeating the first four bosses will be enough to complete the final heart box.

Thus concludes the search for the Skyward Sword Heart Carrier Fragments, which should add another 6 hearts to Link's life total. The other ways to extend it are the heart holders obtained with the defeat of the bosses and the equipment of the two medals of life obtainable during the game, reaching a total of 20 hearts.

► The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is an Adventure type game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 16/07/2021
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