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    These 9 games have been almost as successful and among us

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    We know that Among Us was one of the funniest games of 2020 and is still very popular in 2021, reaching millions of users worldwide. But did you know that there are other games that have managed to be nearly as successful and are just as fun?

    That's right, even if some of these lists are not very familiar to you, the fact is that they have managed to be very successful, albeit not as Among Us, but they're great alternative to have fun with your friends or even alone.

    These 9 games were almost as successful as Among Us

    So we present these to you 9 games that have been very close to stardom reached by the crew of this spaceship.

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    These are the best alternatives to Among Us in terms of popularity

    • Free fire
    • Subway surfers
    • Pubg Mobile
    • Killer hunter
    • garden landscapes
    • Brain out
    • Ludo re
    • Hop tiles
    • domestic landscapes

    Free fire

    Unless you've spent the last few years under a stone, you've probably heard of a mobile video game called Free Fire. It's a shooter where 50 players fall on an island and the last one standing will be the winner.

    Every game lasts 10 minutes where you have to equip yourself with the best weapons, shields and health to fight the remaining 49 players. The best thing about this game is that it combines strategy and adrenaline typical of this type of game.

    Another very positive aspect of this game is that you can enjoy it on almost any Android or iOS device, as it does not require a lot of resources and is compatible with not so recent versions of the operating systems.

    Subway surfers

    In this game we find a little rebellious character who loves to do graffiti on the walls and that he will have to escape from the police through a train station.

    Subway Surfers is a very fun and colorful game that will undoubtedly keep you entertained. The idea is of travel as far as possible without getting caught, for that you have to dodge obstacles, trains and more as you collect coins.

    Obviously don't think it's very simple, since as the distance traveled increases, at the same time increase the speed of the character and moving obstacles, increasing the difficulty with each step.

    PUBG Mobile

    We have found another classic shooter that has been very popular on PC and consoles but has arrived on mobile devices. Unlike Free Fire, we found in PUBG Mobile better graphics and a more advanced scene.

    However, it retains the essence of a Battle Royale, only this time around 100 players fall on an island and they must survive at all costs. It also includes others game modes like 4v4, zombie mode and more.

    It is ideal for play alone or if you prefer with friends to live an incredible and fun experience. As if that weren't enough, it's totally free.

    Killer hunter

    Become one merciless assassin with Hunter Assassin from your mobile device. It is a video game in which you will control a character and you will have to go to your targets' house as a professional killer without being discovered.

    Become a professional assassin in Hunter Assassin

    To achieve this, you need to use the shadows and blend in in the environment to be as stealthy as possible. As you collect victims, you will reach gems that will help you unlock better characters and increase your skills.

    garden landscapes

    If you are a lover of games for fix things and pass the levelsthen Gardenscapes is ideal for you. Together with Austin, a nice butler and many other characters, embark on an adventure to restore a beautiful abandoned garden and restore it to glory.

    In the game you can swap, combine, restore and of course decorating the garden, all while enjoying this story. Hundreds of levels are waiting for you.

    Brain out

    Do you like puzzle games? Then try Brain out, a fun game where you have to prove yours skill to solve puzzles and challenges that will test your IQ level.

    This is a game where the logical thing isn't always the right thing to do and you have to use yours creativity to reveal challenges more fun and in some difficult cases that will make you spin.

    Ludo re

    Who has never played Ludo? This fun board game arrives on mobile devices to have fun with friends and family, even without being in the same place.

    This multiplayer and cross-platform game it will allow you to enjoy fun moments and hang out with whomever you prefer. Also, thanks to its integrated voice chat, you can communicate with other players in real time.

    Hop tiles

    tiles hop it will help you get your inner rhythm through yours favorite songs synchronizing your movements with the different tiles. The goal is press and drag the ball on the different tiles to the rhythm of the music.

    It's a perfect game to challenge yours timing e yours reflexes while you listen to your favorite songs. The more hits you get, the higher your score will be and the speed will increase, so can you keep up with him?

    domestic landscapes

    Remember Austin, the butler of Gardenscapes? Come back in one new installment of the Scapes saga where he will still need your help for restore a dilapidated house and restore its warmth and comfort, just like in the old days.

    Like all installments in this saga, you will have to exchange, combine, restore and of course decorate the house, together with your faithful friend butler and many other characters through hundreds of levels.

    As you will see, there are many alternative a Among Us that you can download and play to spend moments of great fun e totally free. Also, they are very popular and successful options, so you definitely know someone who is hooked on one of them.

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