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With this simple guide of the Annapurna Interactive title we will become expert gardeners.

Among the features of Twelve Minutes there is that of having few interactable elements with different hidden secrets, able to unlock objectives to complete the list and reach 1000G on Xbox. Among the particular elements that we find in the apartment of the protagonists of Twelve Minutes there is certainly the vase of flowers on the bedroom dresser. What might seem like a simple ornamental vase, however, hides a gem of the title e will unlock the rare “Gardener” achievement worth 100G.

In order to obtain the complete flowering of the flower, we will need to be able to make 3 flowers bloom completely and to do so it will first be necessary to complete the loops reaching three different endings corresponding to as many objectives, also in this case among the fundamental actions there will be that of having got the number of Bumblebee.

Warning, the following contains heavy SPOILERS about the game!

In order to make each flower bloom it will be necessary to perform certain actions and water the pot at each 12-minute loop that we are going to face. In some cases it will be useful, if the new flower does not appear, break the vase using the recoverable knife in the kitchen and interacting with the flower (as you can see in the video taken from YouTube and proposed here).

In any case it will be first it is necessary to reach these three endings, corresponding to the three objectives:

  • Confession occurred - It will be necessary to carry out the following actions: contact Bumblebee to convince the policeman to listen to us, confess to his wife the incest and his own guilt in the murder of his father, confess in front of the policeman and give him the watch. After these actions, the woman will ask us to leave the apartment.
  • Coward - It will be necessary to sedate the wife, retrieve the watch, hide and wait for the policeman to arrive (having taken care to have turned the bedroom switch on and off at least once). In the dialogues with the policeman it will be sufficient to confirm the guilt of the wife and to hand over the watch.
  • repetition - It will be necessary to contact Bumblebee and inform her of her father's intentions: in this way the policeman will give up and not knock on our door. At this point it will be sufficient to prepare the table for dessert (positioned the cups full of water and saucers), turn on the radio and spend a perfect evening with the wife.

Reached the three indicated endings it will be possible to make the 3 flowers bloom and it does not matter how many loops will be needed, you can safely water the pot and then commit suicide or leave the house to jump to the next one, while you wait for the flowering. Once the pot has been watered for the last time, you will have unlocked the "Gardener" achievement of Twelve Minutes thanks to your green thumb which will give you three flowers that have already blossomed and luxuriantly.

► 12 Minutes is a Point & Click-Puzzle-Adventure-indie game for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 19/08/2021

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