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    What does the orange light on your PS5 mean? - Causes and solutions

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    The pop-up led light of our devices always gives a lot to think about. In some cases, the fact of not know every announcement of our PS5 or if PS4 games are compatible with the new model due to uncertainty, it won't be a problem once we finish reviewing this post.

    And it is that not only the orange light causes curiosity, but all the other light signals that are included in the PS5, white light, blue light, red light. Today you will know in detail what the functionality of each of them is here. 

    What are the types of orange light that appear on your console and how to remove it?

    The orange light on your PS5 refers to sleep mode. It is quite common to wonder what happens when it is presented in each of its variations, but we will cover each of them below. 

    Flashing orange light

    The flashing orange light emerging from your PS5 console indicates it is about to enter mode suspension . After a few seconds the safest thing is that it remains static. There are some types of consoles from which no orange light emerges, the standby mode in them is manifested by a yellow or amber light.

    Solid orange light

    Once the orange light is solid, it means your PS5 is already in sleep mode. Sleep mode is usually present when the console is at its lowest power level, similar to when the PC is in sleep mode.

    However, it's not a problem if you find yourself looking for the solution, just press the PS button on the controller continuously for a few seconds and the sleep mode will be terminated. Knowing the parts of your console is essential for its use. 

    What other light color can appear on your PS5 and what does each of them mean?

    Believe it or not, there is a high variability in the shades of light that can appear on your console. Here we mention the most common among PS5 users.

    Light ranging from blue to white

    When you turn on your console, the blue light turns white, and being the first light your console emits, it means it is the spy of power supply that prepares the console for use. 

    White light

    Once the light on your console is completely white, it means that everything is ready to allow you to use the device optimally. 

    White light flashing on shutdown

    When we turn off our PS5 console, the white light flashes until it disappears. Once this light is on, the device disable all its functions, and even if you connect a device to them, no electricity will circulate in them. 

    Flashing white light, solid blue light and flashing blue light

    If your console is emitting any of these lights, any sequence of flashing lights it could mean that it is blocked or has a software problem. Before you get worried, just turn off the console, unplug any power source it has, and leave it for a few minutes like this. 

    If when you restart your console it has the same problem, you should try to install your operating system again from safe mode and in this way the problem that occurred can be solved. It is recommended that this type of procedure be performed with a professional to avoid equipment failure. 

    Flashing red light

    As always, red lights are a sign of concern about electronic devices. If your PS5 console has a flashing red light it means that the system is overheated, it is recommended to turn off the console for a while until its temperature stabilizes. 

    It is common for a computer to reach its hot point when a computer has a ventilation problem, so you should consult a console technician so your equipment does not suffer even more serious damage.

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