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    What does the word Fortnite mean in Spanish? Don't stay without knowing it!

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    The Fortnite video game

    Do you know what Fortnite is and how to play it? Fortnite is a famous video game from shooter genre o shooter which was created by the company Epic Games in 2017. It contains three game modes that the company distributes for free, although the "Save the World" version has an early access version that requires a payment.

    How does Fortnite work?

    Fortnite si basa sul fighting with other players (up to one hundred) alone or in teams of two to four players. Players can jump from a flying bus as it crosses the map. On the ground, members must search for materials, weapons and useful objects to build; at the same time, they must avoid being shot down by the other players.

    What does the word Fortnite mean in Spanish? Don't stay without knowing it!

    Like many other video games, "Fortnite" has a English name of which you may want to know a little more about the origin. For this reason, we recommend that you read the following information.

    The word "Fortnite"

    Generally, the term "Fortnite" in the English language refers to a period of fifteen days or two weeks. However, if we translate this literal translation into the popular video game, it doesn't make much sense. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the word to get its true meaning by breaking down the word.

    By dividing the word "Fortnite", you get «Fort» which can be translated as «fortezza». While «Nite» can refer to «Night» because this is the colloquial form of the term "Night" used by English speakers. Consequently, we can say that Fortnite means "Night Fortress".

    Why is the video game called "Fortnite"?

    Probably, the developer Epic Games chose this name because the first versions of the video game were based on the building forts for its functioning. Also, the game was all about survival and not shooting as it is today.

    Later, with the addition of the mode «Battle Royale», everything has changed for "Fortnite" except the name. This new mode gave it tremendous popularity that it still retains today.

    The origin of the Fortnite video game

    When does Fortnite come out? What you know now about Fortnite has undergone some changes and this has led the Epic company to certain success. In 2017 Fortnite was born from the idea of ​​merging a construction video game with a shooter video game.

    Fortnite has had some changes in its beginnings

    However, the start of the game was slow because the developer had some trouble changing the focus, extending the life of the game, and changing the art style for a picturesque theme.

    At the end of July 2017, "Fortnite" was released in the world of consoles. It was a paid title even though Epic was planning to release one free version the next year.

    PUBG success

    Another developer «Bluehole» had also released a video game called «PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds» or «PUBG». Its release became a huge success in just three months.

    This event attracted Epic's attention in the games "Battle Royal" or "Battle Royal" as PUBG was based on this genre. That's why Epic decided to create their own version for Fortnite.

    The real birth of Fortnite

    With the version Battle Royale Fortnite is really born. With this commercial strategy and through the free game mode, Epic Games has reached more than ten million users just two weeks after its launch.

    Epic launches other game modes

    Subsequently, the developer Epic decides to integrate other packages with different game modes: "Save the world" and "Creative". However, Battle Royale still is the most popular mode. If you want to have fun with this fun video game, you can access the official epicgames website. so you can download Fortnite on Android, iOS devices or on your PC.

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