What happens if you kill the president in GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

What to do before seeing what happens if you kill the president in GTA 5?

For the occasion, select one of the main characters and leave your abode to begin the plan. Feel free to refine your avatar's look for now, dress it appropriately like it's from a James Bond movie.

Buy a flashy yet subtle dress that fits with what's to come and allows you to go unnoticed moments after the hustle and bustle.

Then, you can choose to dial a phone number to request a luxury car (in GTA you can dial phone numbers) or always the option to steal one yourself.

Advance through the city first and recon the streets, the day from the beginning was agitated by the anticipation generated by the president.

Every pedestrian interception and main roads are occupied by specialized police units in the protection and control of riots. So it is not unreasonable to think that the given task will be difficult.


Enter in » Menu "And then in" Where you'll be »To locate without too much effort the place where the president is thanks to the mod installed from the beginning. Mark the location of the same which could very well be "The White House" at the top of the map or in the central city park, where in both scenarios he will give a speech to the public.

How to properly perform the assassination of the president in GTA 5?

Regardless of where the president is at the time of the act, you have to move secretly. You're minutes away from knowing what happens if you kill the president in GTA 5, a feat few have been able to accomplish, known only through third parties who upload their experiences to YouTube channels. Before starting, check your inventory and weapons (it is good that you know what are the best weapons in GTA 5 and how to get them)

Then detail the landscape around you until you find a building tall enough to fire an accurate headshot. Otherwise, there will be no other path to come face to face with the president. As any suspicious activity or movement will immediately trigger the doubts of the security forces and stop you directly.

To continue the process of seeing what happens if you kill the president in GTA 5, go up to the building to start the action. The safety ropes are not only prostrate on the ground, but in those points that are practically dangerous for a possible attack, so it will be inevitable that they are not on the ceiling.


Sneak behind each guard after have them focused on your radar and with a knife, annihilate their hopes of stopping you at some point.

With a clear view and making sure that no one else sees you because all the security officers are prostrate on the ground lifeless, change the knife to «Sniper», no-nonsense aims at the president's head when he starts his speech and pulls the trigger to specify.

How to escape the disaster after killing the president?

The time has come, what happens if you kill the president in GTA 5? Well the obvious, the hustle and bustle is evident and the NPCs run around in circles without stopping. The security forces shoot anyone who looks suspicious and your research level is at its best for what you just did.

While the screams and the cloak of despair are on the scene, you can sneak out at the back of the building where you committed the murder. Enter your strategically parked luxury car and through the alleys of the city, sneaking in until you lose them.

Once you are done assassinating your target, you can find information on the best mods for GTA 5 and how to install them, so that you never get bored.

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