What is Adidas GMR, the smart team to play FIFA? Discover

What is Adidas GMR really?

Designed to be an excellent complement, these models have been considered a revolution in terms of game quality. His intention is to provide data to the mobile phone, with which the game will be improved on both mobile phones and consoles.

Well, they are made up of insoles that can fit any pair of football boots on the planet, after all lies the magic. They have a compartment to place a Jacquard Tag, a Google device which helps manage data.

While these insoles are nothing more than a pair of Adidas quality, having a compartment for the Jacquard Tag is the excellent thing. The quality as such of the insoles is 10, they are really comfortable and the device is not perceived under the foot.

While both models have the space to place the device, yes recommend placing it only in one. In the other there will be a piece of plastic which is included in the package, this to balance the weight and posture of the body.

In this way, these fantastic insoles have been considered one of the best innovations that Adidas has made, the possibilities are great. Really, it will be a much more personalized gaming experience with better gaming results.

What is Adidas GMR, the smart team to play FIFA? Discover

What is the purpose of the Adidas GMR?

These models were designed to capture the wearer's gameplay and skills, i.e. to consider how they play. This is to bring your data to the FIFA 20 platform, both on consoles and on mobile devices.

In addition, a number of improvement challenges and tests have been added, which help the user to play better in real life. Each successful trial or challenge will give the virtual player new skills.

Likewise, it is Adidas' recommendation that the Jacquard Tag be placed on the boot of the dominant leg. This is so that the data is as accurate as possible, making it easier for the user play with your avatar and your skills.

The Adidas GMR are an excellent product, added to the Adidas application, they will be a great way to acquire new skills and improve while playing. It will also be necessary to connect the Jacquard Tag to the mobile phone to register the additional data.

The principle of these models is likely to be used for many other products in the future, which will be very useful for users. From a personal point of view, these models will be of help to train a little and gain some agility.

How to install the Adidas GMR on your boots?

Well, the process can be pretty simple once you get it, but you must have read it somewhere first, here we leave it for you. The first thing you should do is remove the insoles from your boots to make room for the new ones.

What is Adidas GMR, the smart team to play FIFA? Discover

Ok, unpack the Adidas insoles, determine your dominant leg and attach the Jacquard Tag. Then, place the plastic piece on the other insole, helping to balance the footprint and improving posture.

You just have to put them in your boots, but first you have to register the Jacquard Tag in the application, turn it on and make a regular recording. Once that is done, you just have to place the templates and voila, test them to make sure they capture the data correctly.

You can buy this new Adidas and FIFA device at any Adidas store, so go get it and have this new experience.

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