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    What is Pokemon GO Plus? Where can you buy it and what is the price? How to connect it?

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    Currently Pokémon has several apps such as Pokémon Café Mix, with its tricks and secrets, and Pokémon Go Plus. The Go Plus version was created for that segment of the population who like fun as a game, but it is already fed up with being hooked up for long hours a look at your phone device to keep enjoying yourself.

    In this scenario, the Nintendo company, given the great receptivity and boom that the updated app has had from Pokemon Go players, places a bracelet-shaped accessory which communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth, with the OS of the mobile device on which the game is installed.

    Now if you are one of those users who identify with the topic of this article and are interested in learning a little more about this wonderful and colorful peripheral which varies in color depending on the moment and which allows you not to constantly see the screen of the mobile to play, so keep reading this article.

    Pokemon Go Plus What is it?

    Pokemon Go Plus, is a bracelet that is placed on the wrist of users' arms so that they can play Pokemon Go without constantly observing the phone to advance in the game and in this way they can carry out activities, albeit basic, fun in the game without constantly touching the phone.

    In the case of Spain, with the Pokémon Go Plus pin you can know when un PokeStop è close to you and alerts you via a vibration in the real context.

    It is a peripheral that allows mobile devices to mix a physical environment with a virtual context,  syncing Bluetooth with the phone, which vibrates and flashes a blue light as a warning that a PokéStop is nearby.

    Where can you buy

    You can buy it in virtual companies but also in physical ones. Generally in stores that specialize in mobile phone equipment or video game stores. You also have the option to purchase it through the Nintendo's online store.

    Pokemon Go Plus Price

    Since this type of accessory is in great demand and is used in many countries around the world, its price will undoubtedly vary depending on how the economy and market of each country moves. It will depend also by its size and color.

    In Latin America, for example, the cost may vary from 35 to 270 dollars and in other countries like Colombia it can cost around 300 thousand pesos, in Chile it can cost around 20 thousand pesos which is like 30 $; In Ecuador it reaches a value of 35 dollars and in Peru its cost is around 270 and 280 dollars.

    In the case of the United States, the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet or pin can be worth 35 dollars and in Europe like Spain the bracelet of this game can cost around 40 euros.

    How to connect it?

    This connects to the mobile phone by enabling the synchronization or association with bluetooth. For this there are two ways depending on the case.

    Traditional way

    1. Vai all’app Pokémon GO.
    2. Find "map", press menu.
    3. Press «Options».
    4. In " Pokémon GO Plus »Press.
    5. Then from the list of units that appears select Pokémon GO Plus again. When you connect you will know why it should emit a slight vibration when connecting.

    via Bluetooth from your mobile phone

    For mobile devices with iOS

    1. Awards "Settings" and then «Bluetooth».
    2. Press Bluetooth.
    3. Poi Pokémon GO Plus.
    4. Log into the Pokémon GO app.
    5. click on "map", to press «menu». Now proceed as the steps described in the previous paragraph.

    For Android phones

    • Press «Settings». Ability "Bluetooth".
    • Press «Search for devices» or «Update»
    • Press Pokémon GO Plus. Now proceed as described in the previous paragraph.

    Now that you know how to experience the adventure of enjoying a game with Pokémon GO Plus without being chained to your phone depot, it's up to you to dare to enjoy this fun video game with your bracelet. We look forward to seeing you in other practical and useful articles of our articles.

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