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    What minimum and recommended requirements do I need to play GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    When you plan to install a new game on your computer, the first thing you emphasize is its requirement. So, if you don't know the minimum and recommended requirements to play GTA 5, you just came to the right place.

    There is a whole myth about what a game really needs to get started in the system, some think that, with less than the minimum, a program can function with relative normality, right?

    Minimum and Recommended Requirements to Play GTA 5: Recommended Hardware

    Any video game it needs specific hardware in order to function properly on a computer, this will also be accompanied by system compatibility and computer video media.

    The GTA 5 has large video demands, although not as much as one might expect, as despite requiring a lot of GPU, the media or libraries it requires are somewhat outdated.

    That is, although it needs to 2 GB of VRAM to satisfy all video demands, the fact that it can work with DX10 support makes you think that a card with better support and less memory can do the job.

    Otherwise, say goodbye to learning how to get a tank in GTA 5 or knowing where it is and how to rob the bank in GTA 5. You will miss out on these and many other modes that the game brings with it.

    This, more than anything else, because there are many PC models that incorporate a high-quality integrated chipset. But, despite reaching i 2 GB of video it needs, it has a better image update and of course more API support.

    If so, you may risk running the game on, for example, a XNUMXth Gen Intel HD. You definitely won't find any performance issues or at least you will be able to run the program with medium / high graphics.

    Now, the requirements for GTA 5 you need to meet are the maximum amount of RAM, with a measure of 8 GB for optimal performance. For the processor is strongly recommended a processor 4 to 8 cores, un Intel I5 if possible greater than 3,00 GHZ, or an AMD X8 series from 4,00 GHZ onwards, in addition to 65GB of disk space.

    Keep these tips in mind for playing GTA 5

    As regards the requirements for GTA 5 of a minimal nature, that is, those just needed to start the game, are remarkably low or affordable for a poorly performing PC.

    That said, as far as the operating system your computer needs to have is concerned, the latest versions of Windows (8.1 and 10) are enough. But if you have 7, the game will work just as well.

    On the other hand, we have the amount of RAM, this is something you cannot play too much with, that is, it is not a requirement with which it is advisable to play big, because if GTA requires 4GB of memory, make sure you have at least that

    Another requirement for GTA 5 which many say needs to be respected, but others disagree, it is the GPU, or as it is commonly known, the video memory, which is responsible for moving game graphics faster than RAM.

    The truth is, to be able to do this with integrated graphics, you need to have a good chipset, at least from the 5th generation onwards. If that's not your case, the minimum GTA 5 requires is one GPU VRAM yes 1 GB compatible with DX10.

    Finally, in order for the game to work on your computer, you will need a Intel processor with at least 4 CPUs, no less, with a frequency of 2,40 GHZ or higher; in the case of AMD, they recommend a Phenom with similar characteristics. By completing this, you will be able to start putting and playing GTA 5 online on PC.

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