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    What's in the Fortnite store? Weapons, items and more

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    And it is that although it sounds like a silly argument, it actually matters a lot, because by knowing the internal structure of a game you learn to play it better. Plus, by knowing what the game has to offer, you can purchase things that not only make you look more professional, but also contribute to the respect you earn in the game.

    What things are there in the Fortnite store that can be purchased?

    To begin with, the Fortnite store is just that, an online store that is updated every day with new content from the game of the same name. None of the items sold in this shop offer any in-game perks, they are more for adding personalization and style to each user, so whether or not you buy here, it will not affect how good are you at the game.

    There are four types of items sold in the store which would be: Dresses or Skins, which are the ones that change the complete appearance of your character, even being able to give skins to a friend in Fortnite.


    The objects that you allow you to destroy the map and get the materials needed for construction, (initially it's a pickaxe), but you can buy any of the other destruction items to replace it (they can be swords, axes, among others).

    And last but not least, emoticons, these are varied and can become dances your character performs (which come with their own music), hand gestures and even stunts.

    Shop Division

    The Fortnite store allows you to greatly improve the user's ability, allowing him to choose from a range of options which is the best weapon in Fortnite to meet his needs.

    To answer the question correctly , what's in the Fortnite store? , you must also talk about its internal structure. This is divided into two main sections, the first is called Objects.

    Here are the rarest items that the store offers, these are the ones with the highest monetary value because they are exclusive, each item in this section lasts 48 hours in the store before being supplanted for more.

    The second section is called "Objects of the day", will always have two animations inside, a pickaxe, two sets and a glider, which will be available for a whole day. These items have a lower monetary value and a lower degree of rarity, but are still worth as much as the previous ones.

    How can you buy it?

    The question , what's in the Fortnite store? It wouldn't be complete if you just learned what it contains, you also need to know how to buy into it.

    For this you have to make use of real money, to buy the game currency that is called V bucks, these can be bought in batches (the more each batch carries, the more expensive it will be), and the equivalence of real money will depend on the area you live in.


    If you want to buy some, go to the section called " Shop »In the bar at the top, here you will see which lots you can buy, just select one and a new window will open where you will have to click on the button» Buy Now «.

    This in turn will take you to the store of the platform you are playing on, here you have to choose the method you will use to pay, it can be with: PayPal, credit cards, among others. When you choose it, you just have to enter your personal data and confirm, the purchase will be made automatically and you can exchange them for items in the "Item shop".

    And voila, with this last thing the doubt about what was in the Fortnite store should have been dispelled, now go to the game, buy something and customize the character to your liking.

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