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    What to do if Axie Infinity fails - Server status

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    The in-game economy it is in a very accelerated growth phase, more and more people are joining this game and investing in purchasing Axies with unique attributes with the desire that their investment quickly begins to multiply and grow in their favor.

    What is the main reason why Axie Infinity can't be played?

    According to information provided by the game developers themselves, the failures are due to problems with their servers, this is due to the huge number of users who are logging in at the same time. As it turns out, the game has received far more people than expected and this has caused a temporary crash in its servers, but nothing that can't be fixed.

    Down servers

    If you are not very familiar with the term, we explain that a web server is a dedicated storage space specially designed to host files, databases and all the elements that make up a web page, an online system or in this case an online game.

    This server has a whole system that allows users to connect at the same time and be able to experience the game in real time. These servers have a limited capacity of users who can be online at the same time when this number of connections reaches the limit , the error known as "server down" occurs, so it will be very difficult for users to stay connected to this if micro drops and connection errors occur. Which completely ruins the gaming experience.

    When this happens in Axie Infinity it obviously generates a great dissatisfaction from the users, since besides being a simple fun game for many, a good number of users have embraced this video game as a very important source of income, due to Hanno invested huge amounts of money by purchasing Axies equipment to get their profit as quickly as possible, which is why a down server represents money lost with every minute that passes.

    How can you see the game status to know if it is inactive?

    To avoid the inconvenience of trying to enter the game at a time when the server is down, the community of players for this game has created several server monitoring pages such as -status, these pages are not official, therefore you should not exchange any data related to your Axie Infinity account to preserve the security of your account and the NFTs you have in it.

    Where can I contact the game creators for assistance?

    The developers of the game they created a Twitter account specially dedicated to providing information related to server operation, improvements, patches and updates that constantly make to improve errors that occur in the game. This account will also be used to request technical support if needed. Go to Twitter and follow the official Axie Infinity account.

    So, if you want to be updated with all the information that the Axie Infinity team shares with its community, we recommend that you follow their Twitter account and activate notifications to find out quickly every time they share new information. 


    Discord is one of the most used communication channels from the Axie Infinity technical team, if you have an account on this platform you can follow them to be aware of all the news they share, their official channel is invite / axie.

    If still you don't have a Discord account, we invite you to follow this link and we will teach you everything about this platform.

    Social networks

    The Axie Infinity team is also present in today's major social networks, then you can search for their accounts and start following them immediately and then keep up to date on all the information they share for each of their users. networks.

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