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    Where and how can I top up Garena Free Fire diamonds for free?

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    What are they and why do I want to Reload Diamonds from Garena Free Fire for free?

    First of all, you know what i diamanti Free Fire? If you are not a fan of this title but have been curious to try it, you should know that diamonds are a payment method for the game, the only one? No, there are also coins or gold that they give us for free in the game, and special prizes that allow us to buy items.

    They are not the only one but the most important (or at least what you have to pay with real money), this is because diamonds unlock the best characters, the best weapons in Garena Free Fire, camouflages and in-game items, so it's so important to get them .

    Ma what if i don't have money or i don't want to pay it? , well, that's what you're here for. There are ways to reload Garena Free Fire diamonds for free without spending our money, but still leaving a benefit to the game creators they deserve.


    Proven charging methods

    Exactly how many methods exist is difficult to say, many do not, but the few that do exist work and do it well.

    The first would be the most popular and known, it is via APP or pages, these third-party methods allow us to recharge in very different and even fun ways without paying. One of them is Todofreefire.

    It is a very simple page with an active community of players, who give away diamonds or create mini tournaments where they give them to you as prizes, certainly the most fun option, because we will play to earn the prizes ourselves (feel proud of victory is priceless).

    As a second option that is equally effective but much less fun, we have pages that allow us to earn money through tasks to exchange it for cards from the Google Play Store, an example of this would be Gamehag, where the currencies of the page are redeemable gems up to $ 15 with which you can recharge Garena Free Fire Diamonds.

    You can register for free on most of these pages and, the requirements you must meet to earn money are things like: participate in surveys, invite friends, actively participate in forums, play or try mini games, complete missions, among others, as you can to see, there are no challenging tasks to complete.


    If I don't want to use the applications, do I have no choice but to resign myself?

    Well no, there's still an equally real and legal possibility for you (even if it's not exactly reloading diamonds for Garena Free Fire). There are options within the game to earn money that sometimes even the most experienced pass them, they are not as many as in the previous one, but little by little you get to that.

    Within the game there are gift options in which your friends can help you. In special events (Christmas, Halloween, among others), players can leave gifts in the previous room before entering a game, these gifts run out after more people receive them, but they give us the diamonds at the fastest.

    If you are among the first to arrive, you can receive free diamonds, so as a tip, gather a team of friends and exchange gifts for free diamonds. You just have to stay on top of the gift and click on the button » You will recive " And that's it.

    Finally, it should be noted that there are missions that give us items to meet certain requirements, so be careful, never stop playing and above all have fun. Invite your friends to play Garena Free Fire with you!

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