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    Where can I see the Arkadia trailer? The Willyrex and Vegetta series of the video game ARK: Survival Evolved

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    After the creation of the first machines, video games were becoming quite relevant reaching many homes, clubs and recreation rooms, then over time with the appearance of different touch devices they reached a quite a large audience, there are even many free games for android phones.

    Video game creators are in charge of designing and programming these games with a large number of creative contributions, but said creation also varies in depending on the platform, of the genre or even of its visualization and of course they are also in charge of the marketing of said games online or through physical stores.

    What is the video game ARK: Survival Evolved about?

    It is a survival game full of adventures and a lot of exploration, basically in these games you have to survive everything that happens to you, but in this case it is a world full of dinosaurs and other animals which must be hunted or tamed in the same way as natural risks and which has weapons for its defense using things from the same environment or even in that case firearms.

    In the world of this game you can walk, by boat or even riding a dinosaur on the action-packed paradise island and therefore the difficulty will increase as you encounter new objects or enemies and in this way the character will level up to one with more danger. Also, we can find taps and feed them.

    It is an open world that must seek resources, collect, create items, create synergies with other participants, cultivate and finally survive as the only mission, a constant action adventure where the necessary skills must be used.

    What is known about the Willrex and Vegetta series of the video game ARK: Survival Evoled?

    The new series under the public name of ARKADIA has its respective Twitter profile, based on ARK: Survival Evoled created by Willrex and Vegetta where it is known that the series will have different mythological creatures, dinosaurs and different special effects and that its main goal is to unite the community and premiered on February 9, 2021.

    The system will be common, each participant will broadcast the matches live from their own channel and it is still being seen how the dynamics of the games will develop and as for the participants ARKADIA through its official Twitter account has released the official list of participants and I stress that there might be some surprises during the series.

    The community is waiting for any update given regarding the new series that unites some of the biggest Spanish youtubers and also involves a large majority of followers with great expectations and in addition to a great strategic dimension.

    Where can I see the Arkadia trailer?

    The project presentation trailer was borne by Nexxuz which was a key pillar, but ultimately the trailer was officially found in the first stay on Arkadia's official Twitter account, the much anticipated trailer by its attendees and viewers.

    Likewise, the trailer is also located on different platforms like youtube and several youtubers have created some videos in reaction to it too. Through this trailer, the graphics of how the server will be displayed in the aforementioned video game dedicated to dinosaurs with multiple identifications is revealed.

    In addition, this video game full of many details and a lot of technology was reaching different access platforms, it is started in 2015 for PC then it has moved to different computers and therefore is already available on IOS and ANDROID devices and it should be noted that freeing up space in the PC can help you to optimize and improve the game performance.

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