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    Where to find cocoa beans in Minecraft - Plant and grow cocoa

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    What you should know about cocoa beans in Minecraft

    Cocoa is an element that, although rare, is very useful. How it happens when you get and plant sugarcane in Minecraft, today we are going to show you how to obtain cocoa in a simple way. In any case, before dedicating ourselves to this task, it would be convenient to understand why it is so difficult to achieve it, an aspect in which biomes intervene.


    You can know how many biomes exist in Minecraft and what they are. These describe landscapes or specific areas characterized their climate and various factors. The truth is that the video game has many different biomes, but some are more common than others.

    Once you create a new world in Minecraft, you will be sent to a specific biome, but many times you will not appear in the one that best suits its conditions. It is for this reason that finding cocoa in minecraft is such a difficult process, as this element is found specifically in jungle biomes.

    However, through the following guide we will teach you how to find cocoa, the planting process and all the benefits that this useful fruit offers.

    Where to find cocoa beans in Minecraft - Plant and grow cocoa

    Il cacao it can be very useful and although it is relatively rare, we recommend that you start using it now. To do this, carefully read the following guide where you will learn more about this fruit.

    Get cocoa beans

    To get cocoa inside Minecraft it is necessary travel to the jungle biome, as this is where the seeds of this fruit are most easily found naturally.

    This type of seed is found on trees and is very easy to recognize. In most cases you will be able to see the pods of this fruit in those trees with vines, the seed is usually at a height of three blocks and to get it you will only need break the pods.

    The process of planting the cocoa bean

    Once you have found the cocoa beans correctly, the sowing process is quite simple, in any case you will need to have certain elements, being more specific you will need: cocoa beans, raw jungle wood and bone dust (optional). For the latter you can explore to get bones fast in Minecraft by composting, fishing or dinosaur remains.

    Once you have all the elements mentioned above, you can start planting cocoa beans and then use it according to your purposes:

    1. The first thing you should do is locate the jungle wood, you have to put as many blocks as there are seeds you want to sow. These wooden logs will serve as the basis for planting cocoa beans.
    2. Once you have placed the wooden blocks correctly, select the "Cocoa beans" and place them on the wooden blocks you planted earlier.
    3. After the previous process, all that remains is to wait for the cocoa beans to grow. When this process is complete you can use it to make multiple recipes and consume them.
    4. In any case, if you want the process to be significantly accelerated, it is advisable to use bone powder, a substance that will allow the growth accelerated of these seeds.

    What can be done with cocoa beans)

    • Cookies: using wheat and cocoa beans it is possible to make cookies, as you can imagine it is a food supplement that could be very useful for survival mode.
    • Banner with inscription: using cocoa beans it is also possible to create banners with ink, this will allow you to affix complex messages on a specific banner.
    • Brown Wool: in case you want to color your wool, using cocoa beans it is possible to do so, finally obtaining a brown wool.
    • Painted glass: the cocoa is very useful for painting various elements, in the same way this operation can be done using glass and seed. This will give you brown tinted glass.
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