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    Where to find the taps in ARK: Survival Evolved? What do taps eat?

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    Griffins are one of the favorite creatures for players to choose their mount, and it is that offers multiple benefits to attack, evade and resist attacks during the game. Since they are fast and deadly creatures. We will show you where you can find taps and how to power them in ARK: Survival Evolved.

    Where can you find the taps in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    Finding the taps in the ARK: Survival Evolved game is easy, since they are usually in groups of three and they usually rest in rocky areas, valleys, on top of a tree or hanging from a mountain wall.

    If you play ARK on your console, you shouldn't worry about installing Xbox One apps from your PC's Windows Store to locate and capture taps, as it's a simpler task than organizing games into folders on PS4.

    So, to get started, an ideal location to find taps and capture them in ARK is the green obelisco area, the coordinates are 45: 0 latitude and 35: 8 longitude. In the valley you will find taps mainly hanging from the valley walls.

    When you find the tap, before attacking it, you have to build a tameo box for taps, that is to place a couple of colossal doors, so that from there you can shoot the tap without it being able to attack you. Well, to catch the griffin or to tame the griffin in ARK you have to knock him out first and the griffin is a pretty tough and deadly opponent.

    What do griffins eat in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    Feeding the taps it may be something many players take into consideration, however the worst part with the taps is over. This is a game that usually runs pretty well on your system, so if you have a problem with game resolution, you may need to free up space on your PC's hard drive.

    Remember that after pulling out the faucet you have to tame it, therefore knowing the correct diet is essential. When you put the faucet down you need to put it in a cage so that you can feed it from it. Other than that, you keep it protected from attacks by some dinosaurs or other wild animals. Likewise you have to be careful with attacks through the walls of the cage.

    The griffon vulture is an animal that has a certain preference for feeding, also known as camel egg. It also prefers prime quality raw meat and raw meat. So don't hesitate to feed these foods to your tap at ARK.

    Likewise, you can too feed the faucet in ARK with Allosaurus eggs, as this is another alternative you can try for the benefit of your faucet.

    What is the use of having taps in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    The taps allow you to do a variety of things within the game, among which we can emphasize that it allows you to capture from other players to small dinosaurs. It also gives you the opportunity to do damage to your enemies, if you fall you do 15x more base damage. Similarly, when attacking horizontally with the group, you can deal triple damage.

    Also, you have the opportunity to bring another player with you to the tap since it has a capacity for two people. Which offers even more advantages to attack, since both players can use their weapons while flying. On the other hand, you have a great escape advantage, as lead in addition to doing multiple damage gives you the advantage of avoiding any type of high speed attack.

    Likewise, for all of these qualities, as well as having great skydiving ability and high base speed, a tap is the ideal support to steal the eggs of wyvern, which will allow you to hatch and breed your wyvern.

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