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    Where to find your Quetzal in ARK: Survival Evolved and how to tame it? - ARK tricks

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    There are different types of creatures in the fauna of ARK: Survival Evolved, such as extinct dinosaurs and mammals. In addition, its creators made sure to include a large number of fantastic beasts in order to obtain an experience never seen before.

    There are from ordinary dinosaurs like the classic Tyrannosaurus Rex to beasts like golems and even griffins, which are very difficult to obtain. However, with proper education, they can be found easy.

    In the game you will be able to observe different silhouettes in the sky. Of all these you will see one that outperforms the others in its large size and how slow it goes. This is because the Quetzal is a heavy animal. On land, these animals do not survive because they have no defenses against predators, therefore they never stop flying.

     How to tame a Quetzal with an Argentavis

    First of all, we must remember that there are several dinosaurs in the game that react to the presence of Wild Flowers, however, the Quetzal is not one of them. Also, it is a creature whose behavior is to protect itself before fighting, so it will try to escape the first attempt at tameo. In the present the way of tameo with an Argentavis is explained.

    Quetzal eats croquettes, which are the name that the game gives to the croquettes. The player must learn how to prepare the croquettes in advance to tame the beast.

    It is important to bring a parachute to avoid dying by falling. Once the Quetzal is spotted, the player must jump from the reins of his Argentavis, turn quickly and shoot with a crossbow hook as it falls. This causes the player to be suspended in the air and hung on their pet.

    In the game there are several commands that can be used to tell Argentavis to follow the Quetzal, on PC, you have to press the period (.). When your dinosaur starts following the Quetzal, you need to shoot him repeatedly with a long barrel shotgun, which must be loaded with tranquilizer darts.

    When the darts start working, you need to make sure it doesn't land in a dangerous place. As soon as he falls to the ground, start giving him some kibble so you can tame him. Sometimes you have to repeat this process several times, it all depends on the level of the animal.

    Come tame a Quetzal with a Tapejara

    This method requires a long-barreled shotgun, pain tranquilizers and the food whereby the animal will be domesticated. Unlike the previous method, you won't need to use the crossbow or hook, and you won't need to use a parachute either. What you need to do is identify the animal to be tamed.

    Then, lands in a stable place where you have a clear view of the Quetzal, as, once on the ground, you have to leave the driver's seat and get into the passenger seat. This gives an important advantage as it leaves your hands free to use the shotgun and darts to calm the animal.

    Having a clear view of the Quetzal to tame, and already sitting as a passenger in the dinosaur, the latter is instructed to follow the other. With the ability to shoot from the back of the Tapejara, getting a shot is easy enough. As in the other method, it must prevent the beast from falling into dangerous places.

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