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    Why can't I play Axie Infinity on my device? - Errors and solutions

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    As one of the most acclaimed cryptocurrency gaming employers of the moment, Axie Infinity DON'T is exempt from presenting failures in its operation, from getting stuck in the middle of the game, from not loading and preventing any action by having connection problems with servers., and more. 

    Fortunately for you, today we bring you this article on Most common Axie Infinity errors and how to fix them. 

    What is the main reason why Axie Infinity doesn't work on Android?

    The main reason why Axie Infinity crashes on an Android or any other device is server status and crash, a problem not unknown to online video game lovers. 

    This problem generally arises from the consequences of Internet connection errors, software or hardware errors, poor power supply, and even more serious situations, such as virus in the device or problems in the equipment who is responsible for maintaining the platform and running the game.

    How do I know if the problem is mine or the server's?

    Before assuming that the cause of the problem is one or the other, we need to carefully examine both options. On some occasions, it is not the server that fails, but our Internet network or the availability of the equipment to access it. 

    To verify that the internet is in good condition, it is advisable to do a speed test, preferably from a computer, to rule out that the problems that arise in the game are not the result of a bad connection. 

    Another option is to turn off the router and turn it back on after a few seconds, then try to reconnect, as well as make sure all of its cables are in place.

    We can also choose to rule out that the problem is with our equipment and its connectivity, if not  that of the server we use. 

    For this we can ask a friend to try to enter the game. If this does not present any problem similar to the one we are facing, it means that it is not the server, but if the same thing happens, it is the key to the problem. 

    What should I do if Axie Infinity got stuck in the middle of a game?

    One problem that nearly all of us have faced at least once is that the game freezes. And if this happens to us in the middle of a game, the frustration we feel is much worse. To try to fix it, we can try the following:

    Restart your mobile or PC

    It seems that this is the assigned answer to the different problems that we present in any device, whatever the platform concerned, during any activity, but as simple as it may seem, it is usually very effective. 

    Many times, computers are overloaded with information or undergo an excess of activity generated by different programs which, even without being in use, manage to consume energy, overload the RAM memory and cause games to not work as expected, among other drawbacks .. 

    When we restart the mobile or PC, we put an end to those activities that have interfered with its proper functioning, leaving them with better performance. 

    Restart the router

    You may not be aware of it, but the router works just like a computer, with an operating system that can also crash. It can overload and overheat, preventing the network from working at its best, so restarting it, waiting a few seconds and retrying the game, everything can be fixed. 

    How can I file a game complaint on the official Axie Infinity Discord?

    To report server failures in Axie Infinity Discord, we need to log in with our user and go to the FAQ button, a green icon with a question mark. 

    This will take us all’Axie Infinity Help Center. In this tab, we have to go to the top of the screen, on the right side and select the option Send a request. 

    Then we have to select Report Error, in the options box that appears when pressing on the right edge. There we can send a message with the error, the device in which it is presented, among other information and wait for them to give us an answer and a solution to the problem. 

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