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    Why do I complain when I play Dota 2? How to make Dota 2 faster - Lag Solution

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    What is lag and why does it hurt games?

    Delay is a way of expressing a late telecommunication process. It can be defined as the time it takes longer than normal to send data and arrive at its destination; in other words, it is a time when the Internet connection "stops" or "stops.

    Normally the internet has these delays, but they are due to the time in which the data must be sent from an issuer, through an intermediary (server) until it reaches the recipient, who does not even notice the moment of delay, as is normal, or what is regular.

    However, when we talk about lag we are referring to an anomalous delay, one in which the communication, through the Internet, of two or more users is compromised. That is, it is no longer an instant of minimum time, but such delay it can be prolonged for several seconds.

    In the world of games, as you can imagine, this means a serious problem. Lag tends to become the factor most hated by internet gamers. And this happens in all online games, there are no exceptions.

    It should be noted that in the heavy video games, those that take up a lot of memory and graphics card capacity, lag is a much more frequent problem, as is the case with Dota 2.

    Why does it crash when playing Dota 2?

    The reason for the delay, that hits the players, it depends on several factors. And we must remember that in Dota 2 this connection mishap happens but it is not the only video game. You can also manage a League of Legends game and influence it in the same way.

    As I said, the lag can be due to several reasons, as it is a break in communication on the Internet. The first reason could be due to the resources of a computer, where its processing capacity is minimal.

    Another reason a game can lag in Dota 2 is the Internet speed. This is a very common problem in countries where they still don't have good speed to play heavy video games, so the player with this problem has errors.

    And on the other hand, a third reason could be the speed of the Internet, but not just any player, but that of the Host, the speed of the creator of the game. If the Host has connection problems or low Mbps speed, it can record the entire server.

    Whatever the problem, it has a solution, and sometimes this one solution it is common to many games such as Apex Legends, where lag is frequent.

    How to make Dota 2 faster? Solution for the delay.

    Solve the problem of the late in Dota 2, so that it goes faster, it will depend on the different reasons already mentioned.

    The solution for processing resources of the computer comes from the nature of the computer, so PC video games need to be optimized and accelerated to the maximum, which in this case is Dota 2.

    If the problem is due to the player's internet speed, the solution would be to observe the speed in Mbps and if necessary change the plan of the Internet operator, you should do this and thus have a higher speed to play without lag.

    If it is the Host that presents / shows faults in the speed of its Internet, from what is reflected in you, you cannot do much more than to leave quel server r. For more information, you can remove the delay when playing Free Fire on Android devices.

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