Why doesn't Realm Royale open or load the game in Windows 10?

You have problems with Realm Royale and you wonder Why Realm Royale Won't Open or Load Game in Windows 10? So we advise you to read the following information where we will try to fix this annoying problem.

Even so, it wouldn't hurt to consider some ways to optimize and speed up the games on your PC before you get started. This action can help if you are experiencing performance issues with games. Without further ado, read on to fix the problem when Realm Royale won't launch.

Why doesn't Realm Royale open or load the game in Windows 10?

If you have downloaded Realm Royale from Steam you can try a solution that works in most cases to start the game. To do this, clearly the first thing to do is to open the Steam application and then access your video game library.

Once you are in the video game library, locate Realm Royale. Now you need to right click on Realm Royale and then select the option "Property" (Property). After the previous step, the options present in the properties will be displayed. This time you need to locate the "Define startup parameters" option (Set startup options).

A window will appear for you to enter various commands, type the following «-whole screen» and click OK. Close the configuration options and proceed with running Realm Royale.

Other options you can try with boot parameters

Unfortunately, there are relatively common errors with Realm Royale, luckily, by accessing the boot options, many can be fixed. By accessing the launch parameters, as we have shown above, you can use a number of very useful commands.

The commands -dx9 and -use64

The first command you should use, especially if you have a slightly older computer, is -dx9 and -use64. To apply them, just open the startup parameters and type both commands, do it like this «-dx9-use64». After that, click on the OK option.

Using the commands above usually solves the boot problem on many computers. Therefore, it does not hurt to try them in case the video game does not start, after applying them, run the game and check if it already works correctly.

On the other hand, if the game is not running properly, your computer may not meet the minimum requirements to run Realm Royale. In fact, just as a game like GTA 5 has its minimum requirements set, any other (including Realm Royale) require specific hardware to run. That said, it's important to evaluate Realm Royale's minimum requirements in relation to your computer.

Realm Royale minimum requirements

If you downloaded Realm Royale and it doesn't start, your computer may not be able to run the game. For this reason, we present the minimum requirements Realm Royale requires to run moderately on the PC platform.

As for the minimum requirements of Realm Royale, an equal or equivalent processor will be required similar to i5 2320. As for RAM, at least 6GB is recommended and the graphics card should be at least a GTX 555. On the other hand, the game is relatively light, so it only needs around 5GB of free space.

However, please note that the above requirements are stated as a minimum. For this reason, it is better to have a computer than meet at least the recommended requirements if you want an excellent experience. For this, you will need at least an i5 6600k processor or a Ryzen 5 1600. We also recommend 8 Gb of RAM and a graphics card similar to the Geforce GTX 660.

Analyzing the above, if you do not meet the minimum requirements, the most likely thing is that Realm Royale will not open in Windows 10. That said, there is no choice but to choose options such as assembling a gaming PC to pieces to enjoy this and other titles.

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