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    Why does my mobile turn off and heat up while playing Free Fire? - Solution

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    Therefore, today we are already present at phones that are powerful enough to run fairly heavy and dense games both in space and in resolution.

    This opportunity has not been wasted by the big companies and we can see it reflected in rather amazing titles for the Android and iOS world. Some of these games are Assassin's Creed: Identify, République, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Call Of Duty Mobile, Mission Berlin and many other games.

    All of these previously mentioned can be downloaded from the App Store, Play Store or alternative stores. Of course, depending on your phone's operating system.

    Each of these games has quite high requirements for common mobile devices, so they are titles that are part of the new generation of games.

    Some of the mandatory requirements that we will have to have in order to enjoy these fabulous games are the space in our internal memory of at least between 4 Gb and 8 Gb, so you will have need to a phone with at least 32 Gb of storage space. Another important point is a 4 Gb RAM onwards and also a good processor.

    Within this vast family of next-generation games, there is some a very important and renowned one which has had a big impact on systems like Android and iPhone.

    Next we will tell you everything about it Garena Free Fire. Stay with us and find out the details about it.

    What is Garena Free Fire and what does it offer us?

    It is a role-playing shooter which must have a good stable Internet connection. This game is totally about war, adventure and shooting.

    It has a large number of options in the game mode and is considered together with Call of Duty Mobile one of the best games for Android and iPhone in recent years.

    Free Fire conta every day millions of active players in around the world, positioning it as one of the most successful mobile titles in history. These accolades are an example of what this game is all about today and how much it has grown and evolved in recent years.

    Among the strengths of Garena Free Fire is the possibility of play in multiplayer mode. Once we have chosen our respective character and our weapons, we can select the map we like best and the game mode within the multiplayer we want (hot spot, get the flag, duel to the death, etc. .).

    Once all these steps have been completed, we will be united in a small group with people from all over the planet. Our group will have to eliminate the opposing group to win.

    Why is my phone overheating and turning off when playing Free Fire?

    These types of problems they are very common in low-end mobile devices, that although they may download the game as such, it is not advisable to stay in it for a long time since this respective terminal does not have the ability to run said game, or at least not for long periods of time.

    Therefore, if this is your case, the best thing you can do is trying to avoid playing for a long time and start doing it in installments. On the other hand, if this problem persists, we will have to follow other steps.

    We can go directly to the Free Fire menu and select the settings option, there we will change the resolution to the lowest possible, the FPS adjustment, the texture details and that will be all. Now our mobile device will be able to run the game without any kind of problem or inconvenience.

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