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    Why is the World of Warcraft game called or so called? - How to spell and what WoW means

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    For this reason, we will show you why the World of Warcraft game is so called or so. You will also learn how to write and what is the meaning of WoW in this video game saga.

    What does World of Warcraft mean?

    World of Warcraft is one of the greatest massively multiplayer online RPGs. This video game there is a vast universe which was developed through multiple installments developed by its creators. Hence World of Warcraft is considered an addictive game, as the complexity of this universe leaves the player trapped.

    Taking this into account, World of Warcraft in Spanish literally means: World of Warcraft. Well, this installment of the video game basically extends the world that was featured in the 1994 game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.

    In this way, World of Warcraft is the fourth installment of this fantastic universe that takes place in the world of Azeroth. Although many know this, they also consider that World of Warcraft was the chapter that consolidated this universe as one of the greatest online RPGs Of all times.

    Likewise, this installment of the game has more expansions to date, which pay homage to what WoW stands for. Well, what each of them does is extend the history of World of Warcraft.

    Why is the World of Warcraft game called or so called?

    World of Warcraft is the fourth installment of a universe shown for the first time in 1994 with the game "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans". Considering this, the meaning of WoW is basically lives up to its name.

    Well, World of Warcraft is called that, since this installment of the game basically is what it does extend the World of Warcraft. Introducing the race of Orcs and Humans to numerous species and classes, allowing the player to change their WoW specializations and explore new territories within Azeroth.

    Likewise, the meaning of "WoW" is none other than the initials of the game's name, World of Warcraft. Furthermore, this game is one of the most popular in the series since has numerous expansions.

    Well, those who were the creators of WoW conceived it as a story that can be told through chapters. In this way, in each new installment, the game's users can delve into the incredible story of the name of the game, World of Warcraft.

    What is the language of World of Warcraft?

    The World of Warcraft universe is one of the most developed of all video games created to date. Well, for those who don't know what World of Warcraft game is all about, they should consider that there also a language own.

    Since the universe of this game has a large number of territories, species, classes, specializations and objects, among other infinite terms within the game. Also, each of them has names that they are both original and complicated.

    For this reason, users of the game have created a vocabulary to reduce the names of what constitutes the Warcraft universe. Well, WoW is also part of this vocabulary created by World of Warcraft players.

    Also, this vocabulary that WoW players have created is constantly evolving because with each new expansion of the game it is possible to find new creatures, territories, minerals and other objects that users usually rename or shorten.

    On the other hand, this Warcraft language doesn't just focus on meaning of the names within the game, but also on some signals that players use in group chats within WoW.

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