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    Why PS5 can't be activated as primary and how to fix it?

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    Not long ago the PS5 was released. Considering the great fame that PlayStation enjoys, it is not surprising that this video game console has broken records thanks to its functions.

    However, users noticed that the PS5 it does not include the direct option to make it primary. Fortunately, there is a way to do it, and here we show it to you.

    What are the benefits of activating my PS5 as a primary?

    Having your PS5 account activated as your main one is not a useless thing, on the contrary, it will give you many advantages that you could not otherwise have by playing:

    Use the PlayStation Store apps

    For starters, if you activate your PS5 account as your primary account, you have the option to play each of the games you have already purchased from PlayStation Store.

    It is worth noting that this is the only way to access them all. Therefore, if you decide to make this account your first option, you will be able to count on a much larger catalog of entertainment, which translates into more moments of fun.

    Benefits of PlayStation Plus membership

    Believe it or not, by activating your PS5 account as your primary account, you will enjoy the benefits of a PlayStation Plus membership much better.

    The explanation is simple: any other person you authorize to use that account you will be able to take advantage of every advantage you have acquired with the subscription. This way, you will ensure you have more fun with your playmates.

    Store-bought themes

    You probably already know that the PS5 includes several themes so you can customize the look of your account. But it is possible that in a short time none of them will please you.

    Well, another advantage of placing the PS5 account as the main one is that it allows you to download a lot more themes. This is how you can try to find the option that best suits your tastes.

    Automatic downloads of confidential content

    In addition to all of the above, you will have the ability to download all kinds of content from the PlayStation Store and not includes games and any other products available.

    And best of all, the store will not impose any limits on you. You can download anything you want, just make sure you have a good internet connection.

    Remote mode for remote connection

    The final benefit, while no less important for that, is that by using this account as your primary you will be able to remotely access any PS5 games you own.

    In other words, you can connect to your console from another device. This gives you the ability to use it wherever you are, just as if you were holding it in your hands. Therefore, you can enter and manage all the content you have inside it.

    What method can I use to activate the PS5 as a primary?

    We have already shown you why it is so advantageous to activate the PS5 as a main account. We will now focus on explaining how to do this. It's something super simple that only takes two steps:

    Directly from the 'Settings'

    First of all you need to turn on the console. Then, go to the settings section. If it's your first time, don't worry. Just press the gear button.

    You will find it in the upper right corner. After pressing it, you will see several options, including "Users and Accounts". Choose it and go to the next step.

    Share the console and play "Offline"

    Now you need to find the "Share console and play offline" option and press it. You will then see the «Activate» button. Click on it and you will have entered your PS5 account as the primary one.

    How many primary accounts can I have on the PS5 console?

    There can be multiple main accounts within your PS5 at the same time. Although the reality is that no one would be a primary account per se, but a secondary one.

    These child accounts are assigned a single main account. Consequently, for each of the former there will be one of the latter. And to each of the main ones you can apply what we teach you to make the most of the PlayStation Store and your games.

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