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A lot of bronze for the new SEGA game.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the eighth chapter of the very long and highly appreciated Sega saga. Arrived in the west on the occasion of the release of Xbox Series X | S, the game is landing on PlayStation 5 in these days, bringing with it a long series of trophies. The vast majority of these are bronze, relegating silver, gold and platinum to a total of just 5 trophies.

So let's take a look at what awaits us in Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Ichiban Kasuga's first star adventure.


  • Everything for the family: You completed Chapter 1.
  • Touch the bottom: You completed Chapter 2.
  • Heroes and villains: You completed Chapter 3.
  • Rope and soap: You completed Chapter 4.
  • It stinks of burning: You completed Chapter 5.
  • The trigger: You completed Chapter 6.
  • The three spiders: You completed Chapter 7.
  • The statesman: You completed Chapter 8.
  • Now we talk: You completed Chapter 9.
  • Illuminations: You completed Chapter 10.
  • The awakening of the dragon: You completed Chapter 11.
  • End of an era: You completed Chapter 12.
  • The fate of our fathers: You completed Chapter 13.
  • Passing of the baton: You completed Chapter 14.
  • Stories to tell: You have completed 10 side stories.
  • Stories to live: You have completed 20 side stories.
  • Street stories: You have completed 40 side stories.
  • Friends in the slums: You have maxed out the bond level with Nanba.
  • Friends in the police: You have maxed out the bond level with Adachi.
  • Like a sister: You have maxed out the bond level with Saeko.
  • Friends with familiar faces: You have maxed out the Bond Level with Joon-gi Han.
  • Friends in the gang: You have maxed out the Bond Level with Zhao.
  • Work friends: You have maxed out the bond level with Eri.
  • Chatting at the table: You have viewed more than 20 Chats at the table.
  • A new legend: Reached the Part-Time Expert Hero rank.
  • A new hero: You have reached the part-time rank of Hero Leader.
  • Dragon awakened: You have reached level 10 with Kasuga.
  • Rising Dragon: You have reached level 30 with Kasuga.
  • Like a Dragon: You have reached level 50 with Kasuga.
  • Ryu Ga Gotoku: You have reached level 70 with Kasuga.
  • A strong character: You maxed out one stat of Kasuga's Personality.
  • Superman: You maxed out every stat of Kasuga's Personality.
  • Versatile worker: You have given Kasuga three different jobs than you started with.
  • Life experiences: You have given Kasuga eight different jobs than you started with.
  • Professional orientation: You assigned all four party members different jobs and won a battle.
  • Professional: You've maxed out the rank of a job.
  • Specialist: You maxed out the rank of 3 jobs.
  • Novel of the 10: You crafted 10 items in the Romance Lab.
  • Novel of the forge: You have fully upgraded the equipment of the Romance Lab.
  • Component fanatic: Collected over 100 components.
  • Compulsive accumulator: Collected over 200 components.
  • I want to be the best, you know: You have registered over 100 Sujimon in Sujidex.
  • Gotta catch 'em all: You have registered over 200 Sujimon in Sujidex.
  • More blows for everyone: You called the Pestfriends 30 times.
  • Heir to the legend: You have completed the Sotenbori Battle Arena.
  • Richer than Croesus: You have exceeded 10 billion yen in capital with the Kasuga company.
  • New accommodation!: You have moved the Kasuga company to a new office.
  • Presidential power: You made the Kasuga company the best in Yokohama.
  • Rampant manager: You have purchased more than 10 companies.
  • Man of the world: You have played more than 10 minigames.
  • Certified genius: You have obtained more than 10 certificates from the professional institute.
  • On top of the podium: Completed all Dragon Kart Cups and Rival Races.
  • Classy tin: You have completed all the PedaLatta tracks.
  • I'm not sleeping!: You watched all the movies in the cinema without falling asleep.
  • Playing with fire: You have developed an intimate with more than two female characters.
  • Hero of popi-popi: You found all the people eager to get popi-popi.
  • Sidewalk Battle!: Someone was hit by a car in battle.
  • What an unpleasant treasure: A worm has crawled out of a safe for the first time.


  • Thank you: You have completed the final chapter.
  • Factotum: You maxed out the rank of 7 jobs.
  • Dream maker: Completed the last dungeon of the premium Adventure.


  • Millennium Victory: Complete the final True Millennium Tower!


  • The new dragon: Collected all Yakuza: Like a Dragon trophies

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has finally arrived on PlayStation 5 with its load of trophies. Ready to try your hand at this new 100% Japan adventure and turn-based combat?

► Yakuza: Like a Dragon is an RPG type game developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the video game was released on 13/11/2020
Version for PlayStation 5 from 02/03/2021
Version for Xbox Series X from 31/12/2020

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