Atypical Guide to Metal Gear Solid V, Mission 18: Where the Blood Flows

    Premise: In this guide we are not interested in reaching the maximum rank, the following are to be taken as firsthand advice that can help your experience in the world of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

    The Mbele are engaged in a civil war with the Buta on the border between Angola and Zaire, in Central Africa. During the colonization, the European state in turn gave the scepter of power to the Buta, who exploited the Mbele to make them work as slaves in the mine.

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    Atypical Guide to Metal Gear Solid V, Mission 18: Where the Blood Flows

    The objectives

    Main objectives of the mission:

    1. Kill Private Mbele;
    2. Kill 5 prisoners at the Kungenga Mine
    3. Extraction of the wounded prisoner;

    Secondary objectives:

    1. Extraction of soldier Mbele;
    2. Complete the mission by extracting the 5 prisoners without being discovered;
    3. Kill the enemy helicopter;
    4. Extraction of 5 snipers from Kungenga Mine, near South West and North East guard posts;
    5. Extraction of 3 armored vehicles.

    La mission 18 by Metal Gear Solid V, Where the Blood Flows, is one of the many contracts that the Diamond Dogs accept as military without borders. In this case the goal is presented to us with few frills: kill six Mbele soldiers, including one stationed at the Bampeve Plantation and five at the Kungenga Mine. The order comes from their own general, fearful that part of his team might reveal secrets to the other ethnic group, the Buta.

    A new life.

    The approach to the mission

    The mission turned out to be easier than expected, also thanks to a good dose of luck, but it is understandable how this can become complicated, especially towards the "end" - which in a sense becomes the mission itself. Dove Flows the Blood is the first of a series of missions where we touch a bitter and burning African issue, that of child soldiers. Snake had already crossed paths with them when he arrived in Africa, but fortunately (the writer) didn't have to contend with them.

    The approach to the mission is fundamental: we preferred to choose not to plow the enemy soldiers at full blast but to scan them one by one and save the most deserving from a statistical point of view. If you want to proceed calmly (the increasingly recommended choice), as a companion the faithful D-Dog will not betray us, but since we have to deal with two areas, Quiet is the best ally we can have. Depending on the bond we have with her, Quiet will have learned the commands to cover Snake and end cover; this last command is very useful to stop Quiet's fury when we are discovered and attacked, which ends up killing very strong soldiers who can come in handy at the headquarters.

    If we want to avoid this problem altogether, by rolling up our sleeves a bit, it will be possible to achieve such a bond with Quiet as to develop the tranquilizer sniper rifle, the Guilty Butterfly, with which Quiet becomes one real sleep machine. Otherwise - and perhaps it is better to do so by virtue of the end of the mission - it is more than fine to equip her with the standard sniper rifle and allow her to end the lives of many soldiers. We remind you that Quiet can also do a stealth reconnaissance of both main locations of the mission, letting us know in advance how many enemies there are in the area.

    The equipment

    The tank present in the mission is not a problem, just sneak up and use the Fulton Cargo 2, neutralizing it instantly. The chopper can be more annoying: in this case a rocket launcher is the perfect remedy. We have deemed a priceless sniper rifle with silencer (M2000-D): in the Kungenga Mine the spaces are large and, in combo with a NVG (night vision device), it can really do you bad. Obviously it is advisable to carry out the mission in the evening, but it is optional, as we had a great time during the day. We can exchange an assault rifle for a grenade launcher (the FAKEL or, even better, the ISANDO, of which a project can be found in the mission) if we find ourselves in difficulty, but an assault rifle (almost) never betrays. Tranquilizer gun, smoke grenades and off we go.

    Atypical Guide to Metal Gear Solid V, Mission 18: Where the Blood Flows

    The mission

    Bampeve Plantation it is a place where the soldiers are more concentrated. In addition, a nearby tank buzzes, so paradoxically it can be the more difficult of the two places. Beware of the guided lights in the evening, but if they find you not bad: there is Quiet. Just run for cover or, if you manage not to get noticed, you can decide whether to get rid of or save the soldier Mbele, the only target in the plantation. To facilitate your passage, it is advisable to bypass the lights by crawling to the right of the plantation, climbing the mountain, and then find yourself at the eastern part of the plantation, an area not beaten by the soldiers. Several buildings will help you not to be discovered and by doing so you will find yourself at the end of the plantation (the road that leads to Kungenga Mine) without problems. Start by knocking out the patrolling soldier outside the plantation, then sneak to the other side to find Private Mbele. By taking care of him, you can also leave Bampeve Plantation behind without regrets.

    The road between Bampeve Plantation and Kungenga Mine is battered by a back and forth tank. The sooner you take it out (C4, mine or a simple fulton extraction) the better. There are two minor checkpoints between one area and another.

    Kungenga Mine it's where the mission gets interesting: it's wide, dusty and multi-layered. Perfect place to have Quiet do a reconnaissance or if you want the less easy life do it yourself with good old binoculars. Once you have pinned down the soldiers stationed in the mine (and bearing in mind that, as a mine, it is rich in diamonds), the golden advice is to save the most important soldiers but kill all the rest. Making scorched earth. The prisoners are in the mine proper. To get there you will have to pick a green gate in the lower-middle part of Kungenga Mine. Don't venture to kill / spare prisoners just yet, as the mission will take an unexpected turn that will see Big Boss wanting to save the prisoners by taking them beyond Kungenga Mine. The area in fact continues in one forest area where there are a handful of soldiers: also explore this area and clean it up until you reach the final overhang, then go back and only now break through / proceed into the mine.

    Entering the tunnels, Big Boss will soon make a bitter discovery: i targets to be eliminated are five child soldiers that even if they know how to hold and use a weapon, they are still children. They will try to bribe Big Boss with diamonds to save his life, but he will not be softened: he does not need diamonds to understand that they must be saved. The mission will then become to get the child soldiers unharmed to the aforementioned overhang and extract them by helicopter. Child soldiers will follow Big Boss's orders, specifically to move or stop due to a threat. Be very careful, because if even one of the children dies the mission will fail accordingly. The path to take is from prison on the cliff, hence the wildest area beyond the mine. Keep an eye on the movements of the little soldiers, stopping them if necessary if any enemy, which appears anyway for mission needs, is in the area. You were advised to first explore the area to learn its geography and to recover raw materials and the like that we don't have time to do now.

    Unfortunately in our case Quiet had obviously gone for a walk, because we had to get by ourselves: we had to take care of about ten soldiers, observing the environment well with the night vision device, which reveals the sources of heat, then follow almost automatically with a sniper shot. Usually the sniper rifle is powerful enough, not aiming at the head, at least to incapacitate the opposing soldiers. Order the child soldiers to stop when you see a threat and go ahead alone so as not to put them at risk, then call them back or (if the distance is too far) approach and give the command. Having previously cleared the mine you will have done at least 80% of the work early, as you may have guessed.

    Watch out for the patrol helicopter, which decides to become more annoying precisely in this escort phase. Consider upgrading the helicopter by increasing its speed and armor for a higher extraction cost, and then weakening it immediately after the mission: it may happen that the enemy helicopter sees you while you load 5 child soldiers one by one.

    With this tactic it shouldn't be too difficult to get to the rendezvous without a scratch with Pequod, the DD driver who will take the kids away from war. By saving the children from their fate you can build the water gun. Don't laugh, it's not a troll weapon like the banana: it has multiple uses such as distracting, putting out fires and shorting cameras and electrical equipment. The following is the post-save cut-scene.

    Education vs militarization.

    Arriving in the Seychelles, the headquarters of the DDs, Miller will arrive in a great career and, scaring one of the kids, will make him take Snake's machine gun within a second, pointing it at Big Boss's right arm. Snake will just watch the show, while Miller will step forward and disarm him. Miller's goal will become that of re-educate child soldiers, taking their weapons out of their hands and putting a new life at their disposal, starting with education.

    Big Boss, on the other hand, seemed to have other plans for them, especially when he saw the readiness of the African boy ...

    Big Boss: “See? Kid's a natural "
    Miller: “No… He's no natural. Far from it. "

    PS: It wasn't our aim, but still repeating the mission with D-Dog in stealth mode, re-applying the advice ...

    The (unexpected) results following the guide.

    Hoping that the guide has been of help to you like that of mission 16 (The Traitors' Party), we give you an appointment for the next significant mission, number 20: Voices.

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