Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt - Trophy List

Hunting for Dinosaurs

Released on June 1st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, we are ready to release the Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt trophy list. Developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is a reboot version of the first-person dinosaur hunting simulator released in 2015 on PC titled Dinosaur Hunter Reborn.

The title on PlayStation 4 offers 8 bronze, three silver and one gold cups, sadly, for trophy collectors the coveted platinum trophy is missing. Below we see the trophy list.


  • Sniper Rifle Mastery
    Hunt 10 dinosaurs with one shot, using the sniper rifle.

  • Rifle mastery
    Hunt a dinosaur with a single shot within 110 meters.
  • Pistol Mastery
    Hunt 3 Ceratosaurus using the pistol.
  • Ack-Ack
    Hunt the Pteranodon using the crossbow.
  • Heartbreaker
    Hunt 25 dinosaurs using one shot.
  • Big game hunter
    Score more than 500 points with confirmed kill.
  • Private Museum
    Complete the trophy room.
  • First encounter
    Confirm the first kill.


  • Marathoner
    Travel over 42 kilometers.
  • Full House
    While hunting, confirm the killing of six different types of dinosaurs.
  • Tyrannicide
    Fill the trophy room with 17 Tyrannosaurus Rex.


  • Geared up
    Start the hunt with all the equipment, all the licenses and the sniper rifle.

In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt the player on a hunting trip is ready to explore pristine beaches, dense jungle, scorching deserts and a rocky plain in search of the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex. You are ready?

► Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is a Shooter-Simulation-Sport type game developed and published by Digital Dreams Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 01/06/2021

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