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    Come scaricare ARK: Survival Evolved per PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox e Mobile

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    That's why we'll teach you how download Ark: Survival Evolved PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and mobile devices. An excellent title that is gaining popularity after Arkadia's latest announcement. Where great Youtubers and Streamers participate. Read on and find out more.

    What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

    ARK: Survival Evolved is a game developed by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games and Studio Effect. Companies that have come together for the development of this title, which takes place on a huge island full of players, who must fight for survival and stay alive thanks to the experience and tricks learned during the game.

    Collecting supplies is of the utmost importance, where hunting, farming, building shelter and killing or taming dinosaurs they are a top priority for survival. But you have to keep in mind that the only enemies aren't the dinosaurs, since other players will be looking for supplies and shelters to steal in order to survive.

    Steps to follow to download ARK: Survival Evolved For consoles, mobiles and PC

    There are several steps you need to take to download and install ARK, as it is available in digital format for all current platforms as they are; PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android Smartphone and PC is su Epic Games che su Steam. Next we will mention the following ways to download this game on each platform quickly and easily.

    Per PC

    You will need to meet the minimum requirements to play ARK from a high-end or mid-range computers and have accounts on the Steam or Epic Games platform. Once you have selected the digital store of your choice, you need to purchase the game and begin the download. When the download is complete, it is installed automatically, leaving a shortcut on your computer desktop. You just have to run and have fun.

    On the other hand, it is important to optimize and speed up PC games to the maximum, so that you can enjoy any game in the highest possible quality.

    Per smartphone Android

    Its mobile version is in excellent condition, as it mainly has items, materials and resources from its console and computer version. Likewise, its optimization is of good quality, which is why you will need to have a high-end mobile with a minimum of 3GB of free space.

    You can purchase the game from the Google Play Store. You just have to search for the game, hit the install option and wait for it to download the necessary files.

    ARK: Survival Evolved has an online game mode, in which it is necessary to have a service account Playstation Plus, Xbox Live GOLD e Nintendo Switch Online active, in order to have fun on the servers of these consoles. This game is purchased for each platform from its specialized shop, you just have to go into the console store you own and buy that game.

    Finally if you want more information about this game. You can visit the official Epic Games page and find out what's new in Ark: Survival Evolved. Without a doubt a game not to be missed.

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