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All South American JRPG trophies in PlayStation format.

Openly inspired by genre classics such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, Cris Tales is a JRPG developed by Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK and published by Modus Games. Cris Tales, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia, tells the story of Crissbell, a girl who turns out to be a Time Mage. It will be up to her and her companions to save the various kingdoms and defeat the Empress before she can carry out her evil plan.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version of Cris Tales consists of 33 bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum trophies, for a total of 47 trophies. Below we are going to list the trophies of Cris Tales for PlayStation consoles:


  • Through time - Gain the power of crystals
  • Team Miller - Save Mrs. Miller's house in Narim
  • Pharmacist team - Save the pharmacy in Narim
  • Puppeteer - First encounter with the Empress (defeat Enzo)
  • Cry of revolution - Make Armando mayor of Saint Clarity
  • The high class - Make Sophia mayor of Saint Clarity
  • In memory of the fallen - Help Noah honor the memory of those who fell in the war against the Empress
  • Recovery of machinery - Help Adri develop a new crystallarium-based mechanism to help Saint Clarity
  • The Witness - Find out what happened to Peter ...
  • Jackpot - Recluta Zas
  • 1 of 3720 – Recluta JKR-721
  • Natural talent - Recluta Wilhelm
  • Small but dangerous - Recluta Kari Hudo
  • Dear granny - Defeat Buki, the guardian
  • Rapacious relatives - Defeat Rhallus
  • Learn from the past - Change the future of the Neva Tulira museum
  • Intellectual - Change the future of the University of Neva Tulira
  • At the height of the celebrations - Help Dreena change the future of parade floats!
  • Lay the foundation - With the help of Oropen, change the future of the cathedral in the salt mines
  • Old memories - Open the strange book found in the museum vault to unravel its mysteries
  • Bad luck in love - Change Joseph Oroitz's attitude towards little Sol
  • Ardor and determination - Defeat Galley and Volcano, the Empress's generals
  • The work of a lifetime - Find a cure for the vitreous lung
  • Blazing fire - Defeat Nasar, the Living Forge
  • The shadow and the animal - Defeat Kari Hudo, the Soulweaver
  • Under the rubble - Save Cinder from the lava flow
  • Heal hearts - Reunite Jaru with Kimber, his long lost wife
  • Royal decree - Help Fenia recover the broken relationship with Galley and Volcano
  • At his sea - Soothe little Fira by helping Takna repair the levees
  • A grim ending - Defeat the Time Empress
  • Terminator - Disable all terminals
  • Only I know that I will catch them ... - Capture all the souls of enemies with Kari Hudo
  • Rainbow disaster - Kill 20 blobs of each type


  • In good hands - Form the council of the Hand in Saint Clarity
  • Help - Save Volcano from the impending catastrophe
  • A destiny quota ... - You decided to give up while trying to stop Ardo ...
  • Old friends, eternal enemies - Defeat the final boss
  • Technical Problems - Accidentally kill the entire party with JKR-721 overheating
  • Armory of the Rena - Upgrade all weapons to their perfect shape
  • Not bad - Make 500 saves
  • Perfect center - Score 500 perfect hits
  • How did we get here? - Apply 5 status effects to a single enemy
  • Paulina would be proud - Get all the keychains in the game
  • Walking armory - Obtain a piece of equipment of each type in the game


  • Learn from the past, act in the present and change the future - Defeat the final boss after completing all optional content
  • Lover of loot - Open every chest in the game!


  • Ultimate time wizard - Achieve true mastery of the game!

And with this latest trophy you will have collected all 47 cups available in Cris Tales. Happy hunting, completists!

► Cris Tales is an RPG-Adventure-indie game developed by Dreams Uncorporated SYCK Poppy Works and published by Modus Games Maximum Games for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia, the video game was released on 20/07/2021
Cris Tales is a nice game that we recommend: we decided to rate it with a 70%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Cris Tales Review.

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