Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery area guide

After completing the tutorial in Wortham, players are sent to Ashwold's graveyard to help Zolta Kulle and acquire pieces of the Worldstone. In this guide we will go through every detail regarding the Ashwold Cemetery area in Diablo Immortal and what awaits players in this new area.

Table of contents 1) Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery Area Overview 2) Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery Quest Series 2.1) Talk to Cain in Wortham Chapel 2.2) The Resurrected Dead 2.3) The Exiled Apprentice 2.4) Consult the Guards 2.5 ) The Handmaid 2.6) The Queen's Tomb 2.7) In Ashwold Manor 2.8) Masters of Death 2.9) Battle for the Fragment 2.10) City of Lights 3) How to farm the Ashwold cemetery area in Diablo Immortal 3.1) Event in the area of ​​the Ashwold Cemetery - The Haunted Carriage 3.2) Ashwold Cemetery Code - Haunted Altars and Guards 3.3) Ashwold Cemetery Dungeon - The Mad King's Breach 3.4) Hidden Lairs and Elite Missions

Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery area overview

The Ashwold Cemetery area in Diablo Immortal is the second hub that players visit. This graveyard requires a character level of 10-22 to enter. It is located in Khanduras, near the birthplace of Queen Asylla. You can acquire the exact location of this area by acquiring the map from Deckard Cain.

Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery quest line

Immediately upon entering the room where you left Xul earlier, you will be prompted to help Deckard Cain and complete a series of mini-missions. Below, we have prepared a walkthrough of the entire Diablo Immortal Ashworld Cemetery mission series.

Talk to Cain in Wortham Chapel

To start the mission, you need to talk to Cain in Wortham Chapel. As soon as you begin your quest, you will find Xul worried and warns Deckard Cain that Lethes has a Worldstone shard at the moment and can pose serious danger by waking the dead from their graves.

Deckard Cain will ask for your help in acquiring every fragment of the Worldstone to prevent destruction from happening. As you agree to help, choose the map from the table in front of you to officially start the questline.

The dead resurrected

Open the map you acquired earlier and head to where the portal to Ashwold Cemetery is marked. To better identify it, it's towards the north of the map. Follow where the map takes you until you meet Lusamine along the way. Here you will meet Grave Robbers. Don't waste time and kill them instantly.

Now go north from here on until there is a Groundskeeper house in front of you. Here you will find Gordon and Grave Robber ready to cause drama. Kill them all and find where Ulric needs to assign you with the next mission.

The exiled apprentice

Now head to the Crypt of the Honored Dead, and here Lethes and Xul will share a conversation. Let that happen, and once you've finished reading the dialogue, head to the area under the bridge where you'll find the undead. Take them out one by one, talk to Xul on the bridge and then talk to the Bramden Guard.

Consult the guards

Once that's done, go ahead and take a trip to the Guard's Watch. Here, towards the gates, you will find more undead, defeat them all and then converse with Captain Azmir first and then with Paulie the Blacksmith. Then he talks to Captain Azmir once again.

The handmaid

Explore the area and find the path to the handmaid's cottage from here on out. The path is not too complex, so it will be quite easy for players to find. However, when you reach the outside of the cottage, there will be more undead that you will need to kill to proceed further.

Now look for where Handmaiden is and enter the cottage to light the candle on the table. Now break the door in the front to destroy it and go downstairs, where you'll find about seven Ambushing Undead and Skeletal Mage. Once you're done kicking enemies' asses, talk to Xul and then to Handmaid.

The Queen's Tomb

From the cottage, head to the Queen's Tomb. Enter the tomb and inspect the area. You will also have a lot of spiders here, so get ready for combat and get rid of them on your way to Queen's Burial Vault. Once reached, the Lethes Skeletal Mage boss will summon.

You have to kill bearing in mind that it is quite difficult to fight as it loves to teleport and unleash the barrage of bone spirits. Also, charge a laser beam that you need to stay away from. Do what you do best and kick bosses' asses to keep going.

In Ashwold Manor

Take a trip to Ashwold Manor by heading north. As you approach the manor, you will encounter the Royal Guards. Kill them all and wait for Xul to arrive to talk to him and follow him inside the manor.

Here, Death Ritual and the Bone Golem will be waiting for you to attack you, so get rid of them and talk to Xul. Xul will guide you through the rituals, so complete the dialogue with him and kill the death rituals. You'll find them north and east of the manor, so make your way one by one.

Once you encounter a Blood Golem, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, always stay away from the red circle it creates as it indicates the release of a large AoE attack. Secondly, it will jump towards you, so keep a safe distance. And third, destroy his shield with your attacks to stop him from producing any further attacks. Get rid of this boss and unlock the Mansion Waypoint as you make your way to the next death ritual.

Before encountering the next death ritual, you will be greeted with the Golem of Decay. Avoid the red marks and jumps it makes towards you and get rid of it. In addition, it will also release a large green decomposition puddle. Keep your distance and kill him. Now go ahead and kill the second death ritual as well.

Now go to Xul at the manor and you will find Lethes talking. Soon after, you will encounter the Simulacrum; kill him and make sure you take this enemy seriously as he is heavy on producing AoE attacks.

Now stop the ritual and talk to Xul, and your Battle Pass feature will be unlocked to claim all of the rewards granted so far.

Masters of Death

Head to the Mad King's Breach dungeon and you'll encounter mobs and the first boss in the area. Kill the minions first while being careful of the boss, and he throws his weapon at you. Once done, he enters the portal in the room next to the arena.

You will again have mobs attacking you here along with the Manoruk boss. Clear the way by getting rid of the mobs and attacking the boss. As you do this, the boss will release his little minions, kill them as they spawn in the room, then kill Manoruk. He remembers that Manoruk will release ghostly skulls during the fight, so try to stay with the walls of the room to avoid contact.

Once the mess is clear, run into the throne room and kill the skeletal warriors there. Run to the throne and it will have the Skeleton King come and attack you. Get rid of him while making sure you are at a safe distance with his weapon. Attack him from behind and avoid the circle marked on the ground.

Also, if you notice a line pointing towards you, run as he prepares to attack you with his horse. Kill him using area attacks and then move on. After completing this part of the questline, you will unlock the Clan feature. Leave this dungeon through the portal and claim Battle Points x30.

Battle for the fragment

Go out of the Mad King's Breach and approach Xul to have a conversation. Now go ahead and finally kill Lethes in Lord's Rest.

Lethes is pretty annoying and can be mean with all the attacks up his sleeve. During the fight he will unleash Bone Spirit and Bone Spikes that you must avoid in any cause in order not to hold back huge AoE damage.

Additionally, Bone Golem will assist her along with her own attacks, including a significant 360-degree AOE attack. Therefore, the best strategy is to run away from any attacks produced on you and advance your attacks from behind. After clearing the arena and killing Lethes, you will be able to recover the world stone fragment.

City of lights

For the latest mission in the Ashworld Cemetery mission series, teleport through the portal to Westmarch and meet Lieutenant Dunn.

How to farm the Ashwold cemetery area in Diablo Immortal

There are many different ways to get rewards from the Ashwold Cemetery area. Below, we've listed all the different activities you can do in this area.

Ashwold Cemetery Area Event - The Haunted Carriage

While in the Ashworld Cemetery area, you will notice that a carriage passes this cemetery every 30 minutes every day. This haunted carriage summons the undead guardian, who you can attach along with the carriage for a good amount of loot. This loot might include gold or materials that you can use to craft legendary items to upgrade your gear and gear.

The type of monsters you will fight in this Zone while attacking the carriage will be Corpse Worm, Pest One, Grave Thief, Plague Carrier, Risen, Skeletal Ambush, and Skeletal Warrior.

However, after several carriage rides back and forth, the tax collector boss will spawn, which you can kill, and after doing so, you can receive;

  • Legendary items
  • Enchanted dust
  • Waste materials
  • Luminous fragments.

Then visit the area every day to attack the carriage and acquire heavy loot.

Ashwold Cemetery Code - Haunted altars and guards

The Ashwold Cemetery Code is divided into two Code Goals; Alter and haunted guards. For Haunted Altars, you can be rewarded with 100 Hilts by finding them on the map.

They mostly spawn around the southeast and north of the map. For the guards, there are only 5, mostly found at the Ossuary and on the outskirts.

Ashwold Cemetery Dungeon - The Mad King's Breach

Mad King's Breach is the first dungeon that players will encounter in Diablo Immortal and the dungeon is present in this area. After completing it for the first time as part of the story, players can visit the dungeon to do reruns.

Mad King's Breach is one of the ideal dungeons to farm for loot due to its short length and enemies condensed into small areas that make it easier for groups to take them out.

Hidden dens and elite missions

There are many elite (blue) missions and hidden lairs present in Ashwold's Cemetery, but their spawn locations are random. You can forcefully regenerate Hidden Lairs and Elite Quest by clicking on all the shrines and treasure chest variants that you can find in the area.

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