How to get faded embers in Diablo Immortal

Fading Ember is another of the countless currencies used in Diablo Immortal and is needed by only one vendor in the game. If you're struggling to get your hands on this currency, we'll show you how to get Fading Embers in Diablo Immortal.

How to get faded embers in Diablo Immortal

While not particularly rare to find, Fading Embers takes a little extra work and potentially even spends real money to get it. Fading Ember in Diablo Immortal are only available from one source.

To fill your Fading Embers cache, you need to upgrade Elder Rifts with rare or legendary badges. Upon completing those Upgraded Rifts, you'll get Faded Embers as a reward.

If you upgrade the rifts with a rare crest, you will get a faded ember for completing the rift. If you use a legendary crest, you get five faded embers from lacerations.

You can only use these power rifts three times a day to get Fading Embers.

When playing as a party, all four players on the Rift can stack their Crests, allowing for additional rewards for all players in the party. If you have 4 players in a rift and they all use legendary badges, you can get 60 faded embers per run.

How to use faded embers in Diablo Immortal

Fading Embers are to be used as currency with the Fading Ember Trader located in Westmarch. You use Faded Embers to purchase Runes and Legendary Gems from the Faded Ember dealer.

You can also purchase extra gems if your gear is full to upgrade your currently used gems, so it's always a good idea to keep farming Fading Embers.

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