Diablo Immortal Helliquary Guide

Elliquary is a "raid" mechanic recently introduced in Diablo Immortal. This guide will help you answer this question by covering all aspects of the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock and how the Helliquary works.

Table of contents 1) How to unlock the Heliquarium in Diablo Immortal 2) How does the Heliquarium work in Diablo Immortal? 3) How to upgrade the elliquarium in Diablo Immortal 3.1) How to farm Hellfire Slag 3.2) How to farm demonic remains 4) Diablo Immortal Helliquarium Raid Boss

How to unlock the Elliquario in Diablo Immortal

Helliquary is not available to the player from the start, but is only unlocked once the player has finished the main storyline in Bilefen, which will end with the player being sent to Westmarch where he will visit Deckard Cain's Workshop.

In a hidden room of the workshop, you will come face to face with Rayoc who will tell you all about the basics of the Helliquary and also assign you your first objective: Chaos Herald Pyl.

How does the heliquarium work in Diablo Immortal?

Helliquary provides the player with a buff to his combat score, one of the game's most important attributes, in exchange for a Demonic Remain that a boss will drop after being taken down.

After taking down a boss and dropping a demon, you'll need to return to the workshop where the Helliquary is located and seal the demon inside to receive the passive combat rating buff.

Embedding or sealing a demonic remnant inside the Elliquary will grant you a Combat Buff Rating and sometimes even an additional Situational Buff.

By upgrading your Helliquary you will also increase your Combat Rating buff. Once your Helliquary has reached a certain level, it will be able to track down Wrathborne Demons and a further upgrade will only be possible after defeating the demon.

How to update the helicopter in Diablo Immortal

You can upgrade your Helliquary using Hellfire Slag which can be obtained by bringing your Normal Slag to Charsi, a blacksmith, who will convert normal Socaria into Hellfire Slag for a paltry 100 gold.

You can use that Hellfire Slag to upgrade your Helliquary. Each subsequent level will require more Hellfire Slag than the previous level.

The update will unlock extra slots for Demonic Remnants and additional combat rating buffs.

How to cultivate Hellfire Slag

Hellfire Scoria comes from the refinement of Scoria di Charsi, the blacksmith. Normal Slag can be obtained or farmed through two methods at this point in the game.

The first method is to complete the Battle Pass daily mission which will grant you 1 Slag and the second method is to take down the Helliquary boss in a raid which will grant you 10 Slag.

Aside from these two methods, there is currently no other method available for growing Slag.

How to cultivate demonic remains

Demon Remains are responsible for combat score boosts when sealed inside the Elliquary. They are obtained only with a method which consists in taking down the Bosses of the Helliquary.

There are three Demonic Remnants in Diablo Immortal which are as follows.

  • Pyl's flowing chaos
  • Twisted Claw of Flame
  • Frozen wing of trembling death

Diablo Immortal Helliquarium Raid Boss

Helliquary Raid bosses unlock once you upgrade your Helliquary to a required level with each boss requiring a different level. Below is the list of all Helliquary raid bosses in Diablo Immortal.

While no requirements require you to raid a boss in a group of 8 and you are allowed to raid a boss on your own, it is not recommended as bosses are a formidable enemy.

It is advisable to carry out the raid in the form of groups. There is a recommended combat rating that should be kept in mind before engaging in combat.

If you are below the recommended combat rating, you will be eliminated fairly easily, making it only difficult to fight. The higher the combat score you have, the easier the fight will be.

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