Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare Event Guide

In the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare event, you must eliminate the Ancient Nightmare monster to get different rewards. But deleting it may not be that easy for you. This is why we have created this guide in which we will tell you how to start and finish the Ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal.

Table of contents 1) How to start the Ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal 2) Walkthrough of the Ancient Nightmare event of Diablo Immortal 2.1) Eliminate Lord Martanos 2.2) Eliminate the ancient nightmare 3) How to farm the Ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal

How to start the Ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal

To start the Ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal, you will need to be in the Mount Zavain area. You can visit this area anytime from 8:00 am until midnight server time. During this time, the Ancient Nightmare event will start every 2 hours.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare event walkthrough

A huge monster will appear in the Misty Valley region in the Ancient Nightmare event. The Ancient Nightmare monster is protected by a shield that deals damage to nearby players.

To eliminate him, you must activate the Altars in his path which will emit an Aura of light that will stun the Ancient Nightmare for some time. You have to use that time to attack him so that his shield can drop.

But even before that, we recommend that you check out Lord Martanos.

Eliminate Lord Martanos

You'll find Martanos just west of the Frozen Descent Waypoint. You can click on its grave altar to see when it will appear. We asked you to go behind him first because he will release a Zakarum Sigil which you will need to activate the altar in the path of the Ancient Nightmare.

Eliminating Martanos is also not an easy job. You have to stay away from him as his AoE attacks are quite powerful. He can even throw his shield at players.

We recommend that you defeat this boss in a low difficulty environment so that you can collect the Zakarum Seals.

Eliminate the ancient nightmare

Once you have enough Seal of Zakarum, you can follow the Ancient Nightmare and take it down.

To do this, you need to move in front of him and activate the altar just as he enters the altar light so that you can have more time to attack him and lower his shield.

Once he's out of the altar light, you can't deal any damage to him. So always stand in front of him and activate the altar when he gets there to take full advantage of the altar light.

He will only be stunned and vulnerable to attack near the altar until you successfully drop his shield.

Keep following this strategy and eventually Ancient Nightmare's shield will drop. Once his shield is down, he will also start attacking you, so be prepared.

It has good AoE attacks that will lower the health of players in its range. You can still activate the altar to protect your team from its area attack and use that time to take it out.

After clearing him, a treasure chest will spawn near where he dies. Inside that chest you will find various rewards such as Enchanted Dust.

How to farm the ancient nightmare event in Diablo Immortal

Once the Ancient Dragon has been eliminated, you can see his time re-emerge on the screen. You can take it out on different difficulty levels to get different rewards.

If the time is past midnight server time, you have to wait until morning. The ancient nightmare will start appearing after 8:00 server time.

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