Diablo Immortal Gambling Guide

Diablo Immortal Gambling Guide

Gambling has always been part of the Diablo franchise. You can trade some gold for a completely random chance to get a powerful legendary item.

The game mechanics have been slightly tweaked for Diablo Immortal. Now you can choose exactly what to bet on. The following guide will tell you how.

How to unlock gambling in Diablo Immortal

Gambling will not be accessible at the start of the game. You must reach level 35 before Yakin appears as a new vendor dealing with rarities and antiquities. It will be your source for betting in Diablo Immortal.

You can find Yakin inside Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. Its exact location has been marked on the map below.

Diablo Immortal Gambling Guide

How to play in Diablo Immortal

Yakin will provide a pretty simple service: you can spend gold to bet for a chance to win a random item of a rarity of random items. The following are the slots you can test your luck on:

  • Mystery Weapon: This can be any random secondary or main weapon.
  • Mysterious Primary Armor: This can be any random head, chest, shoulder, or leg.
  • Mystery Secondary Armor: This can be any random hand, foot, or waist.
  • Mysterious Jewelry: This can be any casual earring ring.

Mystery items can be magical, rare, legendary, or set. Legendary and set items are naturally very difficult to obtain, so you should expect to get mostly rare and magical items when betting.

Please note that you can only wager a total of 25 times per day on each item slot. Also note that your play cost and the power of the items you win increase as your character levels up. You can see the status of the items you have recently played under the mystery items list.

Prices will initially be the same for each item category. Once you bet more and more, the prices will start going up. For the first 10 items in each category, you will not face any price increases but subsequently you will have to pay more based on how much you bet. Here's how prices increase based on the number of items you bet.

Items played Base cost variation 1-10 0% 11-15 + 150% 16-18 + 200% 19-20 + 300% 21-22 + 400% 23-25 ​​+ 500%

Diablo Immortal Gambling Tips

Gambling is all about testing your luck and the random odds of Diablo Immortal. There is never a guarantee that you will receive Legendary gear, but you can increase your chances to some extent.

  • If you have to gamble at first, bet for rings and amulets as good jewelry is hard to find in the game.
  • Never play exclusively for primary or secondary objects. Whatever you get from gambling, a little progression in the main game will get you something better.
  • Gambling will get you unwanted items most of the time. Remember to retrieve them to stockpile crafting materials for endgame enhancements.
  • Learn to control yourself. Gambling might seem cheap at first, but you can easily click spam to spend too much for nothing.
  • Keep within the limit of more than 10 items in each category to avoid buying at a premium price.
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