Diablo Immortal Gold Guide

Gold is the simplest and most common type of currency in Diablo Immortal. Just like in previous Diablo games and every other action RPG out there, you will need gold to spend on many activities, upgrades and creations.

The following guide will explain the best ways to grow gold in Diablo Immortal.

How to farm gold in Diablo Immortal

Gold is a cultivable currency, which means it's pretty easy to farm and hoard than most other currencies in Diablo Immortal.

There are several ways to grow gold. You can get rich simply by killing enemies and monsters in the game and completing all missions. You probably won't even realize how much gold you can accumulate when you reach your character's max level at level 60.

There are also in-game activities such as bounties that give gold as a reward. Bounties are a great way to get gold when you're short on cash. Make sure you choose the harder sizes as they guarantee more gold.

You will mostly earn gold simply by killing everything that moves in Diablo Immortal. This makes running dungeons arguably the most profitable option.

You can also run Rift for free to farm gold, and you can keep repeating Rift for as long as you like. Gold is therefore a very easy currency to grind in Diablo Immortal.

Uses of Diablo's immortal gold

Gold can be used to upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal. Upgrading and increasing the levels of your gear is crucial because it is the only method to increase your ORDR and the strength of your character. Additionally, Legendary gear gains bonus attributes at specific gear levels, making upgrading them all the more important.

You can also use your gold for betting. Playing Westmarch is your best bet if you have gold to sell and want to try your luck at getting high quality goods. It also serves as a good currency chasm if you have more gold than you know what to do. If luck is on your side, you can simply bet to win a legendary ring or amulet.

In addition to the previous two uses, you can save gold to create a clan in Diablo Immortal as well.

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