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If you are already involved in the habit of Among Us, surely it is clear to you that completing the assignments is a great way to win. However, there are some missions that are not that easy and may take some time. For the same reason, today we will explain all Among Us tasks and how to overcome them.

The first thing you should know is that in Among Us there are short tasks that are done quickly, common tasks a little more complex than short ones and long tasks where you have to do several steps or even wait a certain amount of time to be able to complete them. . When you know how to beat them all, you will have a huge advantage in this addicting casual game.

All the tasks of Among Us

Tasks among us

In Among Us, le activities are chosen randomly at the start of the game. These are marked with a yellow icon on the map. Check out all the activities in the game:

  • Open the way to water
  • Use the telescope
  • Save the artifacts
  • Monitor the tree!
  • Scan your boarding pass
  • Insert the keys
  • Record the temperature
  • Restart the WiFi
  • Repair the weather node
  • Welcomes the drill
  • Fill the jars
  • Replace the water carafe
  • It accommodates the engine
  • Calibrate the distributor
  • Accommodate the address
  • Assemble the artifact
  • Buy drinks
  • Make a diagnosis
  • Measure time
  • Order the samples
  • Process information
  • Water the plants
  • Start the reactor
  • Fix the wiring
  • Unlock collectors
  • Download and upload the data
  • Destroy the asteroids
  • Divert energy
  • Turn on the shields
  • Send the scan
  • Enter the ID
  • Sample inspection
  • Clean the oxygen filter
  • Navigation map
  • Engines recharge
  • Pass the card
  • Empty the trash

Tasks of Among Us on the Pole map

Open the way of water (Polus)

In this Polus de Among Us map activity, you will need to turn the levers in the opposite direction to open the water. Although it is a long task, it is very easy to do.

Use the telescope (Polus)

Another activity between us exclusive to the Polus map. This is based on the moving and pointing the telescope to the target shown inside the circle. A short and fun task.

Monitor the tree! (Polo shirt)

Monitoring tree in Polus

Enough move the levers in the hatched areas to monitor the tree and complete this short task.

Scan your boarding pass (Polus)

In this common task, you just have to take out boarding pass, flip it over and insert it into the scanner. Go easy!

Insert the keys (Polus)

Enough insert the correct key into the appropriate slot and turn it.

Protect Artifacts (Polus)

Save items in Polus

Put each of the artifacts in its place. This short task, exclusive to the Polus map, is also very easy to perform.

Record the temperature (Polus)

Tap the up or down arrows to match the temperature on the left panel with that displayed on the right panel.

Restart the WiFi (Polus)

Lower the lever to turn off the WiFi and after a few seconds raise it to turn it back on. Just like in real life!

Repair the weather node (Polus)

Tasks in Polus (between us)

Grab the shiny square and take him to the exit to fix the weather node and complete this task.

Accommodate the drill (Polus)

If you need to repair the drill, you will have to repeatedly click the exclamation mark icons until they disappear.

Fill the jars (Polus)

To complete this short task, it is enough fill the oxygen cylinders by placing them on the air nozzle.

Replace the water jug ​​(Polus)

In this long task, you just have to press and hold the blue button to transfer water from one container to another.

Accommodates the engine (Skeld)

Meet the Among Us Skeld Map

In this short task you will have to go to the honeycombs for move the lever and match the lines until they turn green. It's done in seconds!

Calibrate the distributor (Skeld)

Press the buttons for stop the movement of the spinning circles until they meet the respective color. A short and easy task of the Skeld map.

Set Direction (Skeld)

Move the target to the radar point in so that you can stabilize the direction and complete this short task.

Map of Mira headquarters at Among Us

Assemble the artifact (See HQ)

Short Mira HQ map task where it is needed assemble all the pieces in the correct order to put the artifact back together.

Buy drinks (Watch HQ)

Exclusive mission of the Mira HQ map where you must go to the vending machine and enter the code of the corresponding drink.

Make a diagnosis (Watch HQ)

Interact with the control unit and press the button to start the diagnosis. Wait for the necessary seconds to pass and return to the panel for click on the red anomaly.

Measure time (see HQ)

Weather activity in the Mira headquarters (between us)

Interact with the weather map e press the button to measure it for a few seconds.

Order samples (see HQ)

Enough insert each sample in the corresponding box.

Process information (see HQ)

Go to the computer and press the button to process the information for a few seconds.

Water the plants (see HQ)

Click on the watering can in the warehouse to collect it, then go to the plants and tap on each one to regrow them.

Start the reactor (Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)

Install the reactor in Among Us

This long task is simple, you just have to repeat the button sequence in the same order that the left panel shows you. Then you can start the reactor in Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus!

Unlock Collectors (Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)

Press the button sequence in the order of 1 to 10. An excessively easy short task!

Download and upload data (Skeld and Polus)

In this activity it is necessary press the data download button and wait for the bar to be completed, then go to the next screen and press Load data. Wait for it to complete and go!

Destroy the asteroids (Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus)

Destroy the asteroids in Among Us

Without a doubt, this is one of Among Us's funniest long assignments. Because? Why do you have to aim and shoot the asteroids that appear on the screen.

Deflect energy (Skeld and Mira HQ)

Go to the room panel e lower the lever to divert the energy. Then go to the next panel and rotate your hand to the center to accept the diverted energy. eye! This task is short on Polus but long on Mira HQ.

Light up shields (Skeld and Mira HQ)

Press the red diamonds to activate the shields. That's how simple this task is!

Send the scan (Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)

Scan among us

Step onto the scanning platform for a few seconds until the process is complete. This task is long on all maps except Polus.

Enter ID (Skeld and Mira HQ)

In this short operation you have to interact with the panel, take the card out of the wallet and enter the code that is written on it.

Sample inspection (Skeld and Polus)

Press the green button and wait a few seconds while the sample is processed. Then go back to the panel and choose the swatch which is a different color in this long activity.

Host the harness (Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)

Tasks of electricity among us

In this electricity task in Among Us, you just have to join each thread from side to side with the corresponding color. It couldn't be easier!

Clean the oxygen filter (Skeld and Mira HQ)

This is a short and easy task. Because? Because that's enough push the leaves to the slot on the left to clean the filter.

Navigation map (Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus)

Complete this short task moving the ship along the lines to the points.

Back to top (Skeld e Polus)

Press the button until the fuel bottle is full, then go to the engines and add the gasoline.

Scorri la Charter (Skeld, Mira HQ, Pole)

Go to the panel, remove the card from your wallet and pass it through the reader neither too fast nor too slow. Repeat as many times as necessary until you manage to complete this short task!

Empty the Trash (Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus)

Take out the trash in Among Us

Just pull and press and hold the lever to empty the bin, then do the same in the next step and that's it.

It's done! Knowing how to complete the tasks, you will have won more than half of the battle. Also, you might see these tips to be a good imposter in Among Us and these tricks to win as a crew member. Become a real expert!

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