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Ready to land on the next gen with many exclusive news, the trophy list of FIFA 22. The football title of Electronic Arts offers 17 bronze, 17 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum cups.

Let's see the trophy list together.


  • The dress makes the monk
    Edit an object in the "Outfit" tab.
  • The way to success
    Reach level 7 in a ONCE season.
  • Ace of inactive balls
    Score a goal from a free kick.
  • Intuition and coldness
    Win a penalty shootout challenge without missing a single one.
  • Training is everything
    Complete all Skill Trials in the Main Menu.
  • Implacable
    Score a goal on cross using Snap Player.
  • Get under it
    Play a single game with the competitive configuration active.

  • Special One
    Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Create your style
    Create your own tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • I'm in charge here
    Play a match using any special rules in FUT Friendlies.
  • Park the bus
    Keep a clean sheet in 10 matches in Squad Battles FUT mode.
  • A great achievement
    Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to enter the FUT Champions Playoffs.
  • Tactical genius
    Unlock all the features of a skill tree in Pro Clubs.
  • Total calcium
    Change a player's role in Career mode.
  • European glory
    Win the UEFA Champions League final.
  • Whoever wins stays
    Play 5 head-to-head matches with a friend in Kick-Off Mode.
  • Passion
    Play a match with the women's national teams.


  • N ° 1 of Volta
    Reach a TOT of 90 with your avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • Team play
    Win a ROSE VOLTA match with 3 friends.
  • Complete wardrobe
    Unlock 50 different customization items.
  • Club icon
    Cross the milestone of 200 appearances with one player in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Winning couple
    Win an online Friendlies match in public co-op matchmaking in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Friends forever
    Win 10 co-op matches with friends online in Squad Battles or Division Rivals FUT mode.
  • Winning mentality
    Earn a streak in FUT Division Rivals.
  • Show what you're worth
    Win 1 Division Rivals match with 4 different Field Trophies equipped in your FUT Stadium.
  • The best places
    Assign a customization item to each Tribune slot in level 3 of the FUT Stadium.
  • Dream debut
    Complete and win your first league match in Pro Club Seasons mode.

  • We make the rules
    Play and finish a cup match with Special Rules in Pro Clubs.
  • Specialist
    Unlock a specialty in Pro Clubs.
  • Simulated victory
    Take to the field during a simulated match in Career mode and win.
  • First choice
    Get the highest Technical Rating score with your current player.
  • Goal collector
    Complete a total of 30 objectives by playing any type of match.
  • Debutants
    Play a season with a new club created from scratch.
  • Maximum result
    Reach level 25 in the Player Career.


  • Shopping time
    Purchase an item in the VOLTA shop.
  • Whoever lasts it wins
    Reach Milestone 1 in a FUT Division Rivals Season.
  • Bread for your teeth
    Complete 10 improved objectives in any match.


  • Hunting for trophies
    Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).

FIFA 22 is out on October 1st on PC, next gen and old gen consoles. The next gen versions offer the new revolutionary HyperMotion technology that makes every single match even more exciting.

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