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    Fix Error 0x8007005 on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

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    The pandemic has changed us forever. This is a fact that we must accept for better or for worse. The important thing is that there has been a completely radical change in the way we entertain ourselves. Before, there were thousands of people who hated video games. However, since the arrival of the pandemic, this number of people has decreased every day and hundreds of people join the world of gamers everyday .

    This is very important for all companies that create video games, because there is now an incentive to keep the company in constant production. One such company is Xbox. The devices they create are subject to errors, including there may be internet connection ones.

    Error 0x8007005 is very annoying, and unlike when you learn how to log into Xbox LIVE when it doesn't leave you, this vale solo per Xbox Series X e Series S.

    What does error 0x8007005 mean on Xbox Series X or S

    This is a common console mistake, because you need to know that the internet has to be very, very good so that it doesn't give you problems with Microsoft's servers. This is because these are servers which are usually in high demand, so it is always important that your connection is not lost so that another user will not be able to take your place in the connection list.

    This is bad for the video game company, as its popularity basically means that gamers often can't log into their accounts and thus play their favorite titles. As a result, many people have lost their experience in all its glory in the list of games for Xbox S and X Series.

    Due to its popularity, not only the servers are incredibly in demand, but the Xbox itself as well it is very difficult to find. Ecco perché ti consigliamo di sapere dove puoi acquistare Xbox Series S e X.

    Steps to fix error 0x8007005 on Xbox Series X or S

    This is very simple, as all the possible causes of this error do not have to do with our Xbox, but with external factors that can be solved quickly. 

    First of all, we recommend that you restart both the router and the modem. This allows all Internet protocols to be restored and the Xbox or computer connected in the event of an IP conflict.

    Ultimately, and in case the other solutions don't work, you may find that the problem is in the file on your computer or Xbox. That's why you'll have to log out of your account, delete the profile and download it again, in so you can eliminate this error.

    Check the status of the Xbox Live service

    As we told you earlier, Microsoft are subject to a number of errors that change the ease of access to the network. That's why we recommend that you learn how to check Xbox Live status.

    Turn Xbox on and off

    However, if i Xbox services are active, the error may be related to your connection. If you've already restarted your network access terminals, you'll need to restart your Xbox or computer as well. This usually solves the problem.

    Uninstall and install a game or new app

    To install or uninstall games on your console you need to go to Microsoft Store o Xbox Game Pass , in these predefined applications you will have a large selection of games and applications where you can choose and select and download the application or game. 

    To uninstall them you have to press the 'Xbox' button and open the guide go to 'My games and applications' and select see all, search for the game or application you want to uninstall and press the control button on 'Manage game' and finally «Uninstall all» and the desired application will be uninstalled.

    Reset Xbox

    Xbox console factory reset means that all your data will be deleted , including accounts, saved games, Xbox home associations, and custom settings, but you also have the ability to restore and keep data, games, and applications. 

    If that's what you need, the first thing you should do is press the «Xbox» button and you will select «profile and system», you will go to «settings» and «console information», there you will give «Reset console» and you will have to choose between « Reset and remove everything »or "Restore and keep games and applications". 

    With that done, you just have to wait for the Xbox to start the process and it will be reset to factory data.

    What causes error 0x8007005 on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

    This is an error that occurs when you try to log into your account, either from the Xbox emulator with Windows 10 or from your Xbox. Specifically, it happens when you try to launch titles that belonged to Xbox One or when trying to log into your account.

    This has 4 main causes. The first could be a bug that may be present on your computer with Microsoft Store, so we recommend that you restart both your Xbox and your computer to see if the error is resolved.

    Another cause could be that the Xbox servers are down, so it's important to know they are prone to drops as well hacker attacks, so sometimes they may not work. Also, your profile file may be corrupted and therefore your Xbox or computer cannot access it.

    Last but not least, you should know this error can also be caused by an outdated Xbox or Microsoft Store app.

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