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    Guides for all grades and classes of the New World - Become the best player

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    New World is a new and modern game, which you can use on your computer or even connect it to your TV to play it more conveniently. Here you will learn what New World ranks and classes are so that you are the best player.

    What are the factors affecting the feasibility of weapons in the New World?

    Weapons can have one primary statistics, one or the other has a secondary stat, this stat goes hand in hand with your character, as it makes you notice what kind of weapons he must have. These are the factors that should influence them:


    Strength in a weapon is the proportion of damage that will do to another body, the lighter armament is distinguished by its strength in some cases also by its dexterity. The weapons that benefit from strength are the two-handed mace, the two-handed ax, the one-handed ax and the shield. These are the benefits they bring you:

    • 50: Has a 5℅ increase in damage from light hits, a 10℅ increase in extraction speed.
    • 100: Increases Heavy Hits by 10℅ and also + 20℅ on your Skill.
    • 150: Hit stamina damage increased by 50 and decreased by 10 in the weight of things like mining items.
    • 200: On stunned enemies has + 10℅ damage and 10℅ increased draw speed.
    • 250: Would increase by 10℅ in capacity during extraction, causing more resistance.
    • 300: Grit Prize, both light and heavy hits, and increased 25℅ of mining with one hit.


    Check the damage that a weapon that lives at a distance can cause, these weapons are the spear, the rapier, the flycatcher and the bow. These are its advantages.

    • 50: Increases critical hit prediction by 5% and its speed will be increased by + 10℅.
    • 100: Increases damage piercing by 5℅.
    • 150: Decreases resistance by 10 and minus 10% on skinned items.
    • 200: Backstab damage bonus that increases by 10% and + 10% skin speed.
    • 250: Critical hit damage bonus + 10%, skinning increase 10%.
    • 300: Mutation + 15% returned, extreme hit after dodge.


    It works for the person to do damage with magical weapons, they will only work with this type of weapon. Such as the staff of strength, it strikes the same for melee weapons ; It also happens the case of the sword of fire, from which the staff of fire and the glove of ice benefit. It also helps to heal. Its advantages are:

    • 50: Deterioration in both light and heavy magic attacks, increase by 10% in this, increase the speed in your crop by 10%.
    • 100: Critical hit loss + 10%, has a 5% chance to gain 1 Azoth when harvesting.
    • 150: Elemental Deterioration + 15%, decreases 10% of the items in your crop.
    • 200: 10% dodge mana, 10% harvest speed.
    • 250 - will increase your time decay spell by 30%, increase crop yield by 10%.
    • 300: With the item at full health you will get the first damage + 10%, your Azoth travel cost will be reduced by 10%.


    Its benefit will be increased for the stick of life, you can export multiple spells more in a row, its benefits will be as follows:

    • 50: Renew mana at 10% speed, line will increase by 10%.
    • 100: Increases mana by 20%, + 10% performance savings.
    • 150: You heal 20%, less weight on fishing items 10%.
    • 200: Buffs cast plus 20% duration, 10% line tension.
    • 250: In 30% mana for your death, increase the fish bounty gained by 10%.
    • 300: If you have 0% mana you will gain 200% by regenerating them over a period of 10 seconds, they will give you 10% cooldown on trips to inns.


    This shouldn't include any weapons, it will help by increasing the life in your character, these are its advantages:

    • 50: Health 20% stronger, speed increased by 10%.
    • 100: Health in physical armor 10%.
    • 150: Decreases received spoilage by 10%, minimizes weight of knocked down items by 10%.
    • 200: Increases your armor by 20%, cutting speed by 10%.
    • 250: Damage reduction reduced by 80% if your health is intact, 10% adds the takedown yield.
    • 300: + 20% in spell time, cut down a tree with one hit, 25% chance.

    What attributes and weapons do you have in each of the ranks in New World?

    As you play and complete missions, your attributes and weapons will get better and better, as the New World game rewards you more and more at depending on your level, these are the attributes and weapons that each of the ranks has:

    For tanks

    Its primary attributes are Strength and Constitution, it also has some Dexterity, its main function is to sustain the damage of your opponent. The tank is not fundamental to the game, these are the best weapons and attributes for your tank:

    • Shield and sword: Supports a variety of attacks, that's why it is recommended to be the most necessary tank weapon, it is a silent skill weapon, returns life when used with your opponents.
    • Hammer: it has the advantage that while you have more opponents in front of you, its strength will be maximum and with this you will have the chance to win a joker to heal the attack. It is recommended to use the second for the tank.

    magic dps

    Its attributes are Intelligence and Constitution, its main goal is to cause damage with magic attacks, you can be at medium and long range. Gives you to recover mana to expose more spells. These take time to be useful, so you have to be patient. Among the best weapons of him stand out:

    • Fiery Staff: It has a powerful attack that can be launched from medium and long distances, normally used as a weapon to attack directly.

    Physical melee DPS

    Its main attributes are Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. Use close range attacks to destroy opponents, aim to destroy your enemies as much as possible, this is your main armament:

    • Accept: Weapon considered brutal and fast, it hits at close range, but with an improved attack it will take great damage. He has a tactic to scare his opponents.
    • Great ax: Surely with this weapon you will bring forward several enemies, it has a defensive objective and could last longer than your opponent.


    Your mission will be to have the group totally safe, your duty will be to throw cures in so that your group does not lose their life. Its main weapons are as follows:

    • Staff of life: It will give cures vital and been by surprise to the group. You can get mana with this weapon.
    • Ice glove: you can freeze your opponent, it also allows you to regenerate mana again, it will protect you and can heal you from states of surprise.

    What's the fastest and most effective way to rank up in New World?

    This new video game has a certain affinity with the Minecraft game. In New World you can do different tricks to level up faster and therefore unlock improvements in your character and thus being able to have more experience in this game, these are the ways to be able to level up more easily in New World:

    • Accept missions both primary and secondary: by doing these missions you will level up easily, it is about the story of the game. Try not to undertake very advanced missions, if you are starting out and don't know much about the game, it will cost you more to do these missions, so first try to practice more.
    • Mission to the city: great source for climbing your levels, they can be repeated, although there is a lot of variety. These missions are to create a goal or create positions, it also consists of killing animals. If you try to do it faster you will be able to pass the level quickly.
    • Rest bonus: At the end of the game day, try to rest your player in one of the cities. With this you will have experience bonuses when you enter the game again.
    • Capture skills: Collecting will increase your gathering skills and give you more experience, this is based on fishing and crafts. By doing missions you can get resources in the area.
    • Weapons improved for leveling: New World allows you to combine weapons or play style, for example an ax with a bow, this will give you more experience and you will be able to level up faster.
    • Speed ​​will be your ally in your game so you level up faster, so don't take that long to complete missions, as this will affect your performance.
    • Another option for getting more experience is mincing minerals, killing creatures, logging, working with crops, and other kinds of extra things that will appear in your game.

    New World is a video game that you can use on your computer, to download and play it online you need to create an account on Steam. Then add the title to your library and start enjoying it.

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