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    How can I legally win infinite money in GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    But, if you are one of those who don't like risking a theft, or spending too much time on risky tasks get extra credits, there are always ways to find what you are looking for by walking the path of righteousness.

    Locate the briefcases with sunken money in the world

    Although the game focuses on illegal activities, such as buying an import / export or warehouse business, there are still ways to get endless money without getting your hands dirty. Eg, collect briefcases with money that are submerged in the sea.

    For this to happen, you need to make sure you have the game updated to its latest version. Otherwise, you will not see the precious briefcases, and even if you have the exact location of each of them, you will not find anything.

    But wait! The trick with money isn't just getting the briefcases. That is, not specifically, because there is a way for it to reappear after finding it and getting the money.

    The method of doing this is that once you find the briefcase, when you pick it up, you have to quickly switch to another character and then return to the previous one. If you have done the process correctly, the suitcase will be back in place and you can take it back endlessly until your pocket is full.

    Even if you fail to perform this trick correctly, by collecting all the folders you can add a total of $ 150.000 to your wallet. If you don't know the exact locations of the briefcases you can use get infinite money in GTA 5, you can find them by searching with a sonar purchased from the dock and a speedboat.

    Earn infinite money in GTA 5 by buying and selling stocks

    After a few hours of play, the game introduces you to the market area, showing you the tricky investment system managed in GTA. But this is not a coincidence, because you will be involved in missions that affect the value of some of them.

    That said, there are so many ways to take advantage of these situations to earn infinite money in GTA 5, for example if invest money in “AirEmu”, and then finish to shoot competitive aircraft (FlyUS), the share value of the previous one will go up.

    And as you have already read, many missions are focused on destroying the business or prestige of a company, when that happens, you have to buy points in the opposing company to earn extra money.

    Obviously, for this you need to understand the relationship between one and the other, as in the example of the flight companies you read earlier, or in the case of «Ron  Oil» e «LTD Oil», also adversaries of commercial activity.

    This is something that you will gradually decipher in the game, but if you want to make a profit directly without having to interpret which company is competing, you can buy shares in the insurance company. «AugeryInsurance» (AUG) and immediately destroy the cars.

    Take advantage of Lester's missions to earn income

    Lester is a recurring character in the game, which, generally, is related to the missions mentioned above, although it has nothing to do with discrediting a company, it will simply provide you with investment data.

    That is to say, during his duties, he will throw you information about an early increase in shares and tell you that it is advisable to invest in one or another company, this will help you to get decent sums of money, as in the mission of "Debonaire Tobacoo in LCN".

    This is not a way to get infinite money in GTA 5, but to make yourself substantially rich, as long as you leverage the data in a timely manner, and do it with all the characters.

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