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    How Can I Use Cars in Fortnite and Where to Find Them - Quick Guide

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    There is currently a wide variety of video games in the Shooters genre, which grab the attention of a large number of users who consume this type of delivery, each game has systems and methods that make them unique and fun.

    It is there that companies have begun to carry out the competitive Battle Royal mode, in which all active players on the servers will be thrown on a map, which must fight for the own survival against 100 other users, taking into account that the map has infinite cities, forests and areas where you can find weapons, ammunition and items that will help you survive in this great pitched battle.

    One of the most recognized Battle Royals in the world is undoubtedly Fortnite, which offers you a wide variety of weapons and even vehicles that will allow you to transport yourself around the island, and thus to escape from your enemies. That's why in this episode we will teach you how to use and find cars in Fornite. Read on and find out more.

    How to drive a car in the game

    Driving in Fortnite is one of the funniest parts of the game, in addition to helping us navigate the map better and even escape enemies, driving in this game is very simple. First what we need to locate a car on the map , it is very important to look at the tires, because if we cannot drive it we will get a yellow lock.

    To go up we have to press the button 'AND' once inside the vehicle, we have to press the buttons RT/R2 to accelerate, on the left analog control to steer and LT/L2 to brake.

    What vehicle models are there in Fortnite?

    Fortnite has a wide variety of cars and trucks found throughout the map, each has specific attributes that make them better than the others, we will name a few below.

    Likewise, this excellent game is available for multiple platforms including Android and iOS devices, which is why we invite you to check how to download and install Fornite on your mobile devices. And in this way enjoy this excellent delivery in a portable way.


    It's a vehicle that we can find abandoned anywhere on the map, but usually yes found at gas stations , it has 1200 as a life bar, the tank capacity is 100 and it has two seats.

    Pickup truck

    On the other hand, this medium-sized vehicle has a life bar of 1000, the fuel tank capacity is 150 e has four seats for companions .

    Sports car

    This model is more aesthetic, the his life bar is 800 , the fuel tank has a capacity of 100 and also has two seats.


    Il most common model in the game , therefore the easiest to get. It also has a life bar of 800, a fuel capacity of 100, and has four seats to carry companions.

    Where can I find a car in Fortnite?

    Cars are very common to find in this excellent game, as they will help you move around the map and get to places faster. These are found in named places specific on the map, on roads or petrol stations which are found all over the island. But you have to keep in mind that you can only find them in places with roads, so it is impossible to find one in a forest, a unless it comes from an enemy who has gone down and is close to her.

    On the other hand, if you still don't have this delivery, we invite you to check how to download and install the latest Fortnite update, and thus be able to get the new features and the improvements it brings.

    Where to refuel and how to find it?

    The vehicles in this game have a fuel limit which will run out as we transport, however there are two ways to refill the fuel in our cars or trucks, the first is to get containers with fuels that you can find in buildings or houses, these will allow you to fill the gas tank up to a certain level.

    The other way is to go to one of the gas stations scattered around the map, once you get to them you just have to interact with the fuel line and pour it into your vehicle, and don't worry, as the fuel at gas stations is endless.

    Instead, we invite you to check out the hidden areas found in Fornite, as these can grant you excellent rewards such as legendary weapons that will help you in the pitched battle.

    No doubt Fornite is a great bet that will offer you hours of fun, playing with your friends online and trying to be the last one to survive to win.

    Finally, you can get more information on its official page in case you want to download the game or buy a favorite skin for your character and be trendy.

    How to find garages and change tires

    To find the Fortnite mechanical workshops we only have to go through the map, even if normally these they are in areas near gas stations , they usually have the shutters down, but we can break down the door and go inside. At a glance you can find the wheels that will be added to the inventory. To install them we launch them as we do with fuel.

    How can I shoot from a car in Fortnite?

    To shoot from the car in Fortnite you must be in the passenger seats , being here just press the button to aim and voila, the character looks out the window being able to shoot with the car in motion.

    Find out how to activate the radio inside a car in Fortnite

    If you want to listen to music while walking around the map in the game, you just have to press the d pad if you play from Xbox, if you are playing from PC in the upper left you will see a series of controls to manipulate the radio, you just have to press the button ‘C’ and we're good to go.

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