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    How many characters are there in Fortnite and what are they called?

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    The Fortnite video game

    Fortnite is a game developed by Epic Games in 2017. It consists of three modes: "Battle Royale" (a battle on an island), "Creative" (to design the game environment) and "Save the world" (cooperative type). Fortnite is compatible with different consoles and systems such as Windows, OS X and Android.

    As we pointed out, the game has the multiplayer version known as Fortnite: Battle Royale and a campaign version called Save the World of Fortnite, in this article we will talk about the characters of Save the World of Fortnite.

    What is Fortnite?

    Have you ever wondered what Fortnite is and how to play it? Fortnite is one of a kind online video game "Shooter" which takes place in the third person. This can be played alone or with friends in cooperative and competitive modes. In addition, you can create games, invite other players and create a new map. If you want to have fun with this fun video game you can access the epicgames website.

    Next, we bring you relevant information about Fortnite characters, their attributes and names so that you can learn more about each in the campaign version of the game.

    How many characters are there in Fortnite and what are they called?

    In "Save the world" of Fortnite we find 4 different characters or also called "Heroes". Each of them has particular abilities and qualities so that the users of the application choose the one that suits their way of playing.

    How many characters are there in Fortnite

    Fortnite characters or heroes are categorized into ninja, soldiers, globetrotter, and builders. Each of these heroes has one subclass which further widens the variations between them, as there is a great diversity of skills. In total, Fortnite has 116 characters.

    What is a hero?

    In Fortnite, a hero is the main character who must complete the missions. This character must be chosen by the player according to certain criteria which will depend on his strategy and other elements to be applied during the game.

    i ninja

    This class is ideal for melee attack and recon. A character of the "ninja" class can jump walls, accumulate damage by connecting consecutive hits and throwing ninja stars.

    Attributes of the ninja: the attributes of the class of ninja include Crescent Kick, Dragon Cut, Smoke Bomb, and Throwing Stars.

    The soldiers

    Soldiers wield long-range weapons, can craft mines and grenades as well as increase accuracy, making them worthy opponents.

    Soldier attributes: Among the attributes of the soldiers you will notice the battle cry, the fragmentation grenade, the shock wave and the command plane.

    I giramondo

    This character class gathers resources, explores the scenery, and has certain abilities based on improvements to its resource gathering and recon system.

    Attributes of the globetrotter: i globetrotter can unleash .0,5 square foot punches via the "anti-material charge", move quickly, have a burst tower and a shard charge to mow down enemies.

    Character skills

    In Fortnite's Save the World, each character class has a set of skills that the player discovers as they progress. If you want to see your character's abilities, you need to access your personal file in the «Collection» section. This will show you the character's stats and the level required to unlock the skills. By knowing your character's skills and applying the right strategies, you can easily win a game of Fortnite and advance by building safe zones.

    Which Hero Should I Choose?

    The choice of your character will depend on the your gambling habits, from your favorite skills to develop attacks (melee, ranged) or from a different specific task that is not meant to assassinate other characters.

    Want to see more information on Fortnite heroes?

    If you want have informations detailed information on all the heroes of Fortnite's Save the World, you can access the «Games collection» section. There you can check the abilities of each character to select the most appropriate for you. You can also find out how many players there are in Fortnite and what they think about this fun video game.

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