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    How many levels do Candy Crush Saga, Soda and Jelly have? What is the last level?

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    The addicting game "Candy Crush"

    Candy Crush is addictive because connect the players with the baby in all of them. The video game has a colorful interface, candy and pleasant sounds that motivate the user to keep going until you move on to the next level.

    Additionally, Candy Crush is free and accessible from various devices. If you already know how to download apps from the Play Store, you will notice that the cross-platform nature has increased the number of Candy Crush downloads. Even on Facebook, players can invite their contacts.

    Candy Crush can be beneficial for your players

    Indeed, this famous cross-platform video game allows its players to further develop their memory. In addition, it increases skills by matching tiles according to particular attributes, be they shape or color. Users can even stream the game to a Smart TV if they prefer.

    Candy Crush was created to allow users to apply logic when aligning candy. In this way you pass to the next level with greater difficulty and a different organization of the tiles. This video game motivates players to achieve goals as part of plan execution, so it can be really useful in real life situations.

    How many levels do Candy Crush Saga, Soda and Jelly have? What is the last level?

    If you are a Candy Crush fan or are just starting out in the world of this video game, it is important that you know what you will find next, which are the levels you must pass to reach the end.

    Next, we present everything you need to know about levels di Candy Crush and, above all, on the last level in its three versions, which you must have developed skills and a lot of patience.

    Candy Crush Saga levels

    Candy Crush Saga has a total of 7235 levels spread across more than 70 worlds. These worlds are updated weekly in based on the news of the developers of the King Company. Each world has 15 levels, except the first two (city and candy factory).

    The game has 4 different types of levels: moves (you get points for a number of moves), ingredients (by lowering all ingredients at the end of the board), jelly (removes jelly) and candy orders.

    The last level of Candy Crush Saga

    The latest level of Candy Crush Saga has a high degree of difficulty, so it requires great dexterity when creating explosive combinations.

    This way, the icing can be unlocked to release a rainbow. For this, it is necessary to use the explosive tires correctly until you do all the couplings needed to win.

    Levels of Candy Crush Soda

    Candy Crush Soda has 5685 levels. These levels are increasing based on the work of the developers of the King company. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly review the application to know the news and the activities that must be carried out to continue in each world.

    The latest level of Candy Crush Soda

    The last level of Candy Crash Soda has a difficult level. In it you can use four different ones boost to make the most matches and, as in the Saga version, it is necessary to develop skills and strategies to get the most points.

    Livelli Candy Crush Jelly

    Currently, Candy Crush Jelly has nearly 4000 levels where players find it more difficult as they level up. The Jelly version does involve matching the same color, however the tiles are not candy but jellies.

    The latest level of Candy Crush Jelly

    In the last level of Candy Crush Jelly it is necessary break the glaze to find pets. The difficulty of this level is very high, so getting there can be a great challenge for players.

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