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    How to download and install games from Steam in just a few steps

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    Ever since the Internet has come and taken hold of each of the large-scale computers, the our lives have changed and they are very different from how they used to be, currently we can communicate with anyone in the world simply by pressing our screen, doing live broadcasts, sending messages through platforms such as social networks, even studying online in a virtual room or in a form.

    The internet has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment, before we used to wait for the premiere of a movie at the cinema, go to see it and if we wanted to see it again, we had to pay our entrance again, currently there are platforms that provide a service of Contents such as series, movies, which we can see from the comfort of our home, as well as virtual stores and other platforms.

    What are online stores?

    With how much the Internet is an exceptional tool, we can have everything at your fingertips simply by having a mobile device, a computer, a Smart TV, etc. Whether it's communicating, enjoying a movie, watching our favorite streamer on Twitch or using the virtual stores both those of our mobile phones and the very popular ones through our computer, they have a lot to offer.

    There are many online stores and they all fulfill one goal, offer its users applications and tools that are satisfactory or to their liking, an example of this can be the online stores of our phones, stores such as the App Store or Google Play Store, these have a super large catalog of applications of all kinds, focused on categories such as design, beauty , sports, games, movies, etc.

    But currently on the market, just as there are stores for our devices, there are also online stores on the our computers, who every day try to stock up on an attractive and original catalog to attract consumers, in order to use their store and download or pay for exclusive content, among which we can see from the Windows store to the larger ones such as Epic Games or Steam.

    What is Steam?

    Steam is self-categorized as the ultimate online gaming platform, it is responsible for distributing online video games through its application, this was created by the Valve Corporation, you probably know it as the company that developed games such as Half Life or the famous Counter Strike, a game that swept away at the time and has since been one of the most popular games of the 2000s.

    Steam currently has a catalog with approx more than 30.000 games published, where you will find famous games such as CyberPunk, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, among others, also novelties such as independent games created by small users or studios, since Steam also gives you the possibility, if you are a creator, to publish the your video game on the platform.

    It is also known for having constant packages of unique offers, recurring updates for your games and for having one of the largest communities in the gaming world, where we can add and meet friends, you can also share games on Steam and play at the same time, talk while you play, among other features, Steam it is a great opportunity if you are looking for video games, follow us to find out how to get it.

    How to download and install Steam?

    • The first thing we need to do is create an account on the Steam platform, this is essential to get the service, have your basic information on hand such as your email and phone number, we also recommend that once you have Steam you enable two-step verification for added security.
    • After creating our account on the Steam site we can download the installer.
    • Once downloaded, the following is install the application Steam, for this, we run the installer that was downloaded to our Steam PC.
    • The Steam installer will open, the next step is in accepting the license agreement.
    • Then a we select our language which by default would be marked as Spanish.
    • Then the installer will ask us where we want to install Steam, the ideal would be on our local hard drive in the folder "Programs", after confirming the installation location, Steam will be installed in a few minutes and that's it.

    How to download and install Steam games on PC

    To download and install Steam games on your PC, the first thing to do is to access the platform launcher. After logging in, go to 'Store', at the top right you will find the search engine, there you write the title of the game you want to download.

    Once you see the result below, click on the game of your choice. To purchase a game on Steam, scroll down a bit and click on the option "Add to Cart". You will be directed to the shopping area, here you have to select if you want to buy them for yourself or as a gift.

    Select the method by which you will pay for the game and click on 'Continue'. Complete the purchase process and you will have your new video game.

    Download and sync Steam games using Moonlight game streaming

    Moonlight Game Streaming is an application with which you can send the image played on your PC to your mobile and even control your video games From it. In other words, you can play the titles on your computer and account like Steam on your mobile.

    In any case, the system specifically uses your computer and your Internet. Therefore, the game should work exactly like it does on your computer, and your computer must be turned on in order to play. Likewise, Internet speed is essential so that there is no latency and the experience is pleasant.

    To use Moonlight Game Streaming you will need download the application from the Play Store. In turn, you need to download the GeForce Experience application which you will find directly on the Nvidia website.

    Can you download free games from Steam?

    Perhaps one of the best things about Steam is that it has a large catalog of games as well many of them are free. The process for getting free video games is the same as for paid video games, so you can read the guide shown above.

    Normally, free video games are called Free to Play and are cataloged in this way within the Steam platform. Games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota, Paladins or Team Fortress are free, but there are hundreds of other completely free games.

    Advantages of the Steam platform

    Steam is a revolution in the world of PC gaming. Its main advantage is that, within a single space, we can download a large number of titles. In turn, as we pointed out earlier, Steam has a large catalog of free games.

    In any case, the advantages of this platform go far beyond, for example another noteworthy feature is the steady sales appearing every month. Without a doubt, if you are planning to build your own gaming team, it is essential that you have Steam.

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