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    How to download and install Rust in Spanish for PC or PS4

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    What is rust?

    As you well know, the world of video games is a highly competitive sector. So, for a video game to stand out, it absolutely must have something special. It is the case of Rust, a survival-based video game.

    In addition to the fact that it had an early access version, it was in 2018 that its worldwide launch was made official.

    Two weeks after its release, Rust had sold over 150.000 copies. This number, of course, has increased over time. In a couple of months, the video game had already sold a million copies.

    However, the releases of other long-awaited video games have somewhat overshadowed the popularity it was having. So the developers had to figure out how to resurface.

    What is the game about?

    Well, you know that Rust is a survival video game. If that's not reason enough to download and install Rust in Spanish for PC or PS4… maybe a more detailed description will change your mind!

    What can your character experience in the game? Absolutely everything! When they talk about survival, they take it very seriously. During the game, your character can carry out various activities:

    • Collection of resources such as fabric and wood.
    • Hunt animals for food.

    For this, it is possible to manufacture tools or weapons that facilitate these tasks. However, it is also possible take weapons from already dead players or about to die.

    As you progress through the game, the your character is exposed to many things. From disturbances to attacks. So, you might run into some of these situations:

    • Being attacked by wild animals.
    • Hypothermia.
    • Hungry and thirsty.
    • Radiation.

    Play Rust from your PC

    This amazing video game is available mainly for computers. You can have a look at which is the best Spanish Rust server before you play. The game is compatible with major operating systems (Windows and MacOS).

    Such a surprisingly realistic game requires requirements that you need to keep in mind. Do you want to download and install Rust in Spanish for PC or PS4? Therefore, make sure your computer meets the following requirements:

    • processor I7.
    • 10GB of RAM.
    • GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 graphics card
    • It takes up 20GB on the hard drive.
    • For Windows: 64-bit operating system and Windows 8.1 onwards.
    • For MacOS: 64-bit operating system and OS X 10.11 onwards.
    • Create a Steam account.

    Easy installation and playability

    Once you have all the requirements, Downloading and installing Rust in Spanish for PC or PS4 is very simple. You just have to enter the Steam platform, search for Rust and make the purchase.

    Once your purchase is confirmed and downloaded, you will be able to put Rust in Spanish and the rest will be as simple as joining a server. In reality, it is a procedure that does not deserve further explanation and will take no more than 2 minutes.

    Rust for PS4, a pending issue

    Facepunch Studios, responsible for the development of this video game, has apologized to both PS4 and Xbox One users. The organization has made it clear that it is working for enable versions for each console.

    Rust had to be available for PS4 in 2020. However, the pandemic delayed plans. Now, in 2021, the company's main goal is to enable Rust servers for PS4. Meanwhile… What other games are there like Rust?

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