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    How to download and update Pokémon GO to the latest version without Play Store

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    Today there is a wide variety of games for your Android device, one of the most downloaded and popular is Pokémon Go, which is a game based on the famous cartoon and a series of games Pokémon, where you will have to catch the biggest Pokémon you can along your journey.

    What sets the Pokémon Go game apart is its innovative way of playing where you have to find Pokémon roaming around your city to explore in the game in real time, this is one of the reasons that may drain your phone's battery faster since you will have to have activated the GPS and Mobile Data function for the time you are playing.

    Pokémon Go app released several updates in recent months, so you will always need to have the latest version of the game installed, which you can download through your phone's official store, such as the Google Play Store.

    However, most users who want to download and install Pokémon Go get a common error that says " Your device is not compatible with Pokémon Go «, So it is impossible for them to have this application installed on their devices.

    Why can't I download Pokémon Go from the Google Play Store?

    Sometimes the Google Play Store is not the best alternative to download the games you want since for this your device must meet the requirements that the application shows in its description or in the case of a slow internet connection, the download of the game it is highly unlikely be successful.

    For Pokémon Go players this is a situation that occurs very often when they try to download the application and, in case they have been able to download Pokémon Go previously, they will not be able to update the game to its version. most recent from the company Niantic Inc has established among the requirements to download the game the fact that you have a device that has a version of Android 4.4 Kitkat o Superiore.

    That's why most Pokémon Go players look for other ways to install or update the game, via an APK or another external application.

    If you want to download or update Pokémon Go to its latest version without using the Google Play Store, you've come to the right place, so we'll show you how

    Download and update the latest version of Pokémon GO without Play Store

    The first thing you should do is download and install the application by searching for it on websites for reliable APK files or alternative applications to the Google Play Store, such as Aptoide, o Uptodown in case you already have a previous version of Pokémon Go installed and you want to update the application to the latest version you can follow the next series of steps.

    1. First close the game completely, then download its latest update via an APK page, in this case Aptoide
    2. After downloading the APK of the latest update of Pokémon Go, you will have to open and install it as if you have no version on your device (it should be noted that you shouldn't delete the version you installed on your phone, as by deleting this version you may lose your game progress)
    3. Next, open the Pokémon Go app on your smartphone device
    4. Enter your Pokémon Go account details or create one, in case you have lost your Pokémon Go account there is a way to recover it, which you can see if you enter the following link to recover your Pokémon Go account.
    5. And ready! You can enjoy the game of Pokémon Go in its latest version

    The method we show you to update your Pokémon Go version will help you bypass the incompatibility message that appeared in the Google Play Store when you wanted to download the application, this method can be used both on your Android phone that on your Tablet, We hope this information was useful to you.

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