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    How to easily download and install Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for PC and PS4?

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    Come installare Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout su PS4?

    Despite the cost of acquiring Fall Guys is around 19,99 euros, thanks to the monthly promotion in games for PlayStation Plus members, they will be able to download it for free until 1 September this year.

    The PlayStation Store

    In order to install Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on your PS4 you need to go to the application called ‘PlayStation Store’, the one that has the shopping bag as an icon and that you find to the right of the carousel for the 'main screen'.

    PlayStation plus

    Inside the Store, you will have to look down in the left column, as the item you are looking for has the title “PS Plus”. By choosing this you can view, as one of the first options, the Fall Guys, although you can also inquire within the section and learn more about the applications.

    install the game

    Now you can proceed with the installation of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on your PS4, for which you will only have to click on the button "Start" o "Install". It's a lightweight download, so you won't have to wait too long to start playing.

    Download it from PC to PS4

    If what you want is install Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on your PC, you can also do it with the above conditions, i.e. free of charge during the promotional period.

    PlayStation Store

    First you need to go to the page ‘PlayStation Store’, which you can do through a regular search in your trusted browser or by clicking directly on this link.

    Of course, to continue, you need to "Log in" to the service using the button located at the top right and correctly entering your credentials or corresponding data.

    Search for the game

    Or via the left menu that appears on the home screen, where you can enter the section 'PS Plus', or directly by searching for the name, since the next step is to find the game.

    When you are in the said game window, the next thing you should do is ‘Download’ o 'Buy' of it, in fact, if you are really a PlayStation Plus customer, the option you will see will be the first, and you can buy it for free.

    Download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on your computer

    The above procedure works for you to be able to purchase the game from your computer, but to use it on your PS4. But if you are one of those who are wondering if there is a way to install Fall Guys on your PC, the truth is, it is possible.

    But, for this, you need to have the famous one gaming platform «Steam», as well as an account on that service. In this way you can proceed to download the game in question.

    Within Steam you have to go to the session "Store", where you can use its search bar to type »Fall Guys» and access the window for this item or game.

    So, in this case, you will have to cancel the cost of that product, but, later, you can have it installed on your device and you can play directly from it, without the need for the PS4.

    I'm not a Plus customer, can I download and install Fall Guys?

    It's common to wonder if even when you're not signed up for PlayStation Plus you can download Fall Guys on your devices, both synthetically on PS4, or from your computer or PC.

    The truth is that you will be able to install, but you will not be able to take advantage of the offers or promotions that the company launches for its members. What does this mean? Well, even if it's free promotional, you will have to pay for it.

    Other games that may interest you are Roblox and Fortnite, in both you can create your avatar according to your preferences.

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