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    How to get a tank in GTA 5? Can I shoot a tank in Grand Theft Auto 5?

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    Where to find the tank in GTA 5?

    GTA V was one of the more games purchased since launch and to date, one of the most interesting vehicles is the tank. This vehicle has several ways to be obtained, some simpler than others.

    One of the main ways and the one that does not alter the course of the game, is to get to the base of Fort Zancudo, you have to enter and steal the tank. To achieve this goal, you must be ready to declare war on the troops until you reach the tank.

    If you already have the characters, you can use Franklin and activate his ability to slow down time. Another recommendation is to use an armored vehicle to reach the vehicle and attack only to steal it.

    The other way to get a tank is to buy it, for this you need to have the online version of GTA V and get a garage, where the tank will appear, then buy it. The cost will depend on when you buy it and also on the tank model you buy.

    These are the only methods of getting a tank, as there are no keys or tricks that allow this, you have to be careful with the first method. If you don't prepare well, you risk being seriously injured if you enter the base without protection.

    How to manage a tank in GTA 5?

    Like any other vehicle, the tank is operated with the movement buttons, the only additional thing is the use of the main weapon of the tank. To move the cannon, you have to use the camera joystick, in addition, shooting is simple, just with the usual fire button.

    Please keep in mind that when you walk in the tank, no vehicle can harm you, with the cannon shot you can destroy any vehicle. The only exception for this tank is that if you get attacked by another tank, it will be the only one that can harm you.

    What are the risks of getting a tank in GTA 5?

    The main risk is to look for it, entering the Fort Zancudo base is a safe risk, if you are not sufficiently armed you will not be able to survive. Also, you need to prepare yourself with enough weapons, shields, vests and everything you need.

    On the contrary, it is better to access the base by air or an armored vehicle. Many times the ideal is to enter by attacking directly, please note that when you enter the base your search will go up to 4 stars.

    Be careful as your research levels will increase every time you crash or destroy something in the city, this tank is ideal for playing a fun game. If you die during the game the tank will disappear and you will have to retrieve it again by entering the military base.

    What other vehicles of interest are there in GTA V?

    In addition to the tank in GTA 5 there are many other vehicles, in the Fort Zancudo base you can also get a fighter plane. The method is the same to get hold of the military tank, you have to access the base and go directly to the airport.

    Enjoy this spectacular game and reach each of the missions that are proposed to you. If you want to play with additional methods, open a different game. This awesome SandBox is an awesome game, can find your life in many ways.

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