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    How to get all Pokéballs in Pokemon Go, Sword and Shield, and Pokeball types

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    But the franchise decides to launch another version of Pokémon, one that makes the user feel like a real one pokemon master. And that he should be looking for those iconic characters for himself. Pokémon Go is undoubtedly one of the viral video games of the moment, thanks to its gameplay and the wide range of characters that you can find.

    That's why in this post you will learn how get all Pokéballs in Pokémon Go, Sword and Shield. In addition to their Pokéball types. Read on and find out more.

    What is Pokémon Go?

    It is an augmented reality video game developed by Niatic Inc for Android and IOS mobile platforms. In this new installment, users have to search for and catch the famous Pokémon, which are hidden all over the world. To find them, the player must walk around his city, street or even his own house and be lucky enough to find one of these creatures and capture them.

    So it's no surprise if you find another Pokémon master trying to catch one of these with their cellphone. On the other hand, if you have errors with the video game during the acquisition of one of the characters, could be the AR camera in Pokémon GO. But it's not that serious a problem, as this can be solved easily.

    Steps to get the Pokéballs

    Pokéballs are one of the most important items any user has if they want to be a great Pokémon master, since these creatures can be captured thanks to this precious object. So you should always have one in your inventory in case a Pokémon appears.

    There are four types of Pokeballs in the latest version of the video game, which will help you to capture different creatures, this will already depend on the creature you want to get.

    • the pokeball are acquired from the start of the game and have a capture rate of x1.0
    • Super ball obtained from level 12, capture speed x1.5
    • Ultra Ball is unlocked from level 20, capture speed x2.0
    • Honor Ball an exclusive version of the game, capture ratio x1.0

    Increase your Master Trainer level

    It is a feasible method of obtaining these precious items, every time you level up you get experience points that are rewarded. The higher your level, the higher the reward, so you'll get large amounts of Pokéballs.

    Poke if you buy or buy

    It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get there, these stops are scattered all over the map in the shape of a blue circle. Once there and clicked on it, it will grant you a series of rewards, and these are usually normal Pokéballs.

    You can also buy these items in the game's virtual shop, which is the least recommended, as its cost becomes high.

    Sword and Shield Pokémon

    In this version, it offers a large number of Pokéballs, each of which has a unique effect and design. Which can be found in different places and depending on the situation in which they are found. It will already depend on your skill as a Pokémon master to capture those most mythical and legendary creatures.

    If, on the other hand, you are a fan of Nintendo video games, you can't miss the new Super Mario Run game. An excellent delivery for mobile devices that will bring back memories of your childhood.

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